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Online training in 2019

E-learning has the merit of facilitating access to training. Today, with the increase in technological possibilities and training needs of people, the market is making growing fast, both in terms of numbers of trained users and innovations. Everything you want to learn can be learned online. According to Kartik Bajoria, writer and trainer, there are some specific aspects of the eLearning experience that are destined for a great improvement during the year.

Aptitude tests

It is time for all students to make decisions about their future, the specializations and academic paths that they want to take. Traditionally, these choices were made on the basis of limited information resources, mainly parents' suggestions, pressures and social norms and promises of secure careers. In more recent times, consultants have given aptitude tests to students. Today, thanks to the possibilities offered by eLearning, algorithms and software have been developed to test students, identifying their strengths and weaknesses in the school environment and providing accurate suggestions on career choices, basing the advice on the school curriculum and extracurricular and on individual personality. The novelty brought by e-Learning platforms compared to aptitude tests is this: to combine a holistic assessment of attitudes to working options in the real world. The result? More informed and accurate decisions.

Alternative courses - Development of particular skills

Another great contribution of eLearning is the democratization of learning: access to "non-mainstream" niche courses. If you do not live in large cosmopolitan urban centers, it will be difficult to find, for example, a coherent cooking class at home. With eLearning, students can get an education in almost anything they want, anywhere and at any time. As rare as the skill they wish to develop, it is likely that there is an eLearning course.

The best mentors

Time ago, eLearning training programs were seen by traditionalists as a substitute for classroom courses (intended as regular, real), as perceived as non-authentic, illegitimate and low-level. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for the most qualified and respected professionals in their fields to become teachers of online courses. The possibility of having the best teacher on the market is a great strength of digital training. It is not always necessary to go physically to study in institutions of excellence ... often the programs of these institutions are found on the online platforms.

Visual Learning

The attention of the students is decreasing, while the search for "entertainment" in the training grows. The eLearning platforms that use demonstration videos for skill development or augmented reality are the most appreciated by new generations.

Targeted learning

Perhaps the greatest benefit of e-learning is the ability to create tailor-made programs aimed at a very specific group of students, with a very defined program. While the classroom courses are organized only to reach a certain number of members, e-Learning platforms allow to offer diversified programs in a lean and cheaper way.

Article taken from Enterpreneur

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