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26 June 2019: What types of videos do you include in an online course?

Using videos in e-learning is no longer a choice but a necessity. Animated videos, explanatory videos, live videos ... what kind of video is best suited to your target?

12 June 2019: The 5 worst eLearning navigation obstacles

An eLearning platform has different ways of use than a simple book. For this, it is necessary to design the course in such a way that students can easily navigate between chapters and online content.

22 May 2019: How is the storyboard used in eLearning?

To introduce audiovisual elements in eLearning we use a technique borrowed from the world of cartoons. If you have never heard of the storyboard you are missing out on one of the crucial tools for designing an online course.

15 May 2019: How to use affordance in e-learning

The graphic aspect of an eLearning platform, besides making the course more enjoyable, also has a practical value. Through the conscious use of design elements it is possible to make the interface more useful and more intuitive for students.

8 May 2019: 5 design elements to make an online course effective - Infographic

An online course allows you to insert a wide variety of design elements that help to involve students and improve learning opportunities. However, it is essential that the interface is as intuitive as possible.

27 March 2019: 5 tips to improve a course according to user needs

Student needs must be one of the most important factors to create an engaging and useful online course. For this reason, when designing an online training course it is essential not to forget the users' point of view. What are they looking for?

13 February 2019: How to capitalise on flash to HTML5 migration opportunity and enjoy a higher ROI

For over a decade, Adobe Flash was the de facto authoring tool for creating online courses.

19 December 2018: How to create an interactive opening screen

Have you ever noticed? When you first access an e-Learning course on your monitor you will see an opening screen full of instructions to follow to help you navigate easier and understandable.

12 December 2018: How much time did you spend thinking about the design of your eLearning course?

The content and layout of the course involve users. Are you thinking about your students and their interaction with the course or are you focused only on the appearance of the course?

5 December 2018: 3 reasons to use animated GIFs in your eLearning courses

Simple, lightweight and effective images: these are the advantages of using GIF images in your eLearning courses.

28 November 2018: How much does the User Experience of the users of the LMS platform count in an e-Learning course

A company that provides e-Learning courses will certainly use LMS platforms, interfaces with support services. Why it is very important to consider the LMS User Experience for the success of a course?

17 October 2018: Gamification: what makes a "serious game" involving and educational?

The study and conclusions of four MIT researchers.

25 July 2018: 5 problems trainees can meet with eLearning user interfaces

User interface is sometimes experienced as frustrating because it is easy to get lost or because the system does not often work as expected. How to make sure that participants have fluid interactions with eLearning?

18 July 2018: 5 mistakes to avoid when setting up an eLearning course - Infographic

What common mistakes should educational designers avoid when making an online course? Educational design is used to create content that ensures high levels of user involvement and achieve the learning objectives.

18 July 2018: LMS: responsive vs App-based approach

What are the pros and cons of adopting a responsive LMS or an LMS in app format? Which is more useful for your employees' needs?

11 April 2018: How to create engaging content - Infographic

The essential elements to easily create engaging content.

11 April 2018: Graphic design in eLearning for Newbies

4 tips to create effective graphics.

21 March 2018: How to prepare to shoot a video content for eLearning

3 points must be clear before entering the shooting room.

14 February 2018: How to take advantage of infographics in eLearning courses

Five creative ways to insert infographics into your eLearning course

24 January 2018: How to choose your new LMS?

Everything you need to know about learning management systems (LMS).

6 December 2017: Creative ideas to design effective feedbacks in e-Learning courses

How to use graphics, animations, icons and other graphic ideas to design effective feedbacks to quizzes ad to results pages

6 December 2017: Gamification in e-Learning

Latest trends in the use of Gamification in designing learning contents in e-Learning mode ...

29 November 2017: Tell me the colours of your course and I’ll tell you who you are

About the importance of the use of colours in the didactic design of e-Learning courses ...

29 November 2017: e-Learning training and evaluation tests: how to measure the ROI of training

In the USA Linux Academy was born, a e-Learning system with the innovative system of evaluation to measure in a detailed way the results of corporate training and locate training gaps.

22 November 2017: Advantages of eBooks and Audiobooks in e-Learning training

When you’re designing e-Learning training, do not close yourself on a single format of downloadable documents, because each has specific advantages

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