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Continuous learning for restaurant employees

Anthea De Domenico
 Anthea De Domenico
16/05/2018: Initial training is not enough. For restaurant success, it is desirable for employees to be involved in a continuing education plan to stay abreast of the times.
Continuous learning for restaurant employees

What are the reasons why continuous learning is so much better than the initial training of new recruits?

1. Technology is changing the restaurant business

The technological revolution has changed the way people learn and allow people to form and access useful information anywhere, at any time, on a variety of technological supports thanks to the Internet. On a daily basis, new applications and communication technologies change the way people think and interact.
For restaurants that want to keep up with technology, it is no longer enough to provide employees with training only when they are hired.

2. Sense of personal fulfilment in employees

In the business of services to customer, staff satisfaction has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Happy and satisfied staff members will offer a better experience to customers, making them happy and satisfied.

So, how to improve staff satisfaction?

Since nobody likes to feel unmotivated and stuck in a job without future perspectives, when employees perceive to learn continuously, improving themselves as human beings, they feel more satisfied with their work ... which will result in a better relationship with the work itself and with customer relationships.
Furthermore, it is important to underline that the most satisfied employees are those who’re able to orient their learning: having the possibility to determine their own rate of use of information and being able to decide when and how to review the information needed to complete work can really make a difference in learning and work performance.

3. Continuous training improves team work

If an employee or a team does not work well, it's more efficient to change the way the employee or team works, rather than hiring more employees or replacing the entire team. In this sense, you can tackle any problem in a cheaper way by offering continuous training to employees.
On the other hand, employees who have the opportunity to continuously learn and improve themselves will be happier and more motivated to train, work better and cooperate with each other. A team in which every member is constantly engaged and growing will create a virtuous cycle that will enhance the whole atmosphere of the restaurant. Restaurants are run by teams of people: when everyone is engaged in a growth process, they get along and work well together, and the whole restaurant benefits from it.
Each team is as strong as the sum of its parts, so it is important to continuously improve the experience and skill of each team member.

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