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Does digital teaching really threatening teachers?

Does digital teaching really threatening teachers?
Chiara Mastroleo
 Chiara Mastroleo
25/07/2018: The first word that you associate with training is "teacher". Teachers play an important role in any society. But what changes in the age of technology?

Quality teachers undoubtedly make the difference, not only in the academic performance of people but also in the success they can achieve during their lives. And learning from a passionate, motivating, valid professor will open the door to huge opportunities.

Online teaching has achieved several results: both promising and poor in terms of completion rates. Nowadays new generations are at ease with technology. We felt this change when students started opting for online degrees instead of going to university.
The technology is now actually perceived as an advantage, even if it provokes quite a few controversies. Many people fear an out-of-control antisocial technology that proceeds inexorably and autonomously towards harmful pathways.

Speaking of the Internet, we often find ourselves dwelling on hypothetical possibilities of using this tool in a bizarre and nonsensical way. eLearning technology provides educators and students with access to resources that they otherwise could not have.

Does eLearning replace the traditional classroom?

Just like any new innovation, eLearning addresses its challenges. With online courses it becomes easy for students to access course materials from anywhere at any time, but the disadvantage of digital education is that it favors a sort of mechanical memorization.

What happens in a traditional class? Teachers involve the students all the times. Unfortunately, there are students who never cooperate, who may get bored or are inattentive. This lack of commitment turns out to be the real challenge for both teachers and students. It is not possible to pause a teacher and go back to the part where attention has dropped. Furthermore, it is difficult for the social aspect of the classroom to be fully replaced with artificial intelligence.

Here comes online training

One of the best ways in which eLearning has maintained the social aspects of a class is with tools like bulletin boards, Facebook groups and sometimes chatbots.
If we consider the point of view of a teacher, such eLearning tools allow us to monitor the precise point at which the students are lost in a lesson, how they interact with the subject and the system allows them to assign votes with a simple click. So virtual training is not a threat, but on the contrary it is an opportunity, an optimal combination of content and resource management that allows teachers to manage classes.

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