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How to write the description of an online course

How to write the description of an online course
Paola Giura
 Paola Giura
18/09/2019: The description of an online course is like a shop window: by reading the text, potential students will decide whether to participate in the training course offered. How to best write this description?

The design of an online course is a tiring and demanding journey. Content, design, evaluation tests, videos ... there are many elements to watch out for. After finishing the design phase, the course is ready; one thing remains to be done: to convince students to enroll. The main tool to achieve this is the course description.

Reading a few lines, in fact, potential trainees will decide whether they are interested in participating in your online training course. In this perspective, we understand how essential the description of an online course is. We must be convincing and at the same time clear, to prevent users from being disappointed by a description far from what the training course offers. Here are the main tips for writing the course description online:

1. Consider the context

What is the target of the training course? What are the main themes? In the description it is important to know who you are addressing to. Only in this way will we be able to use a suitable language and find the "keystone" of the description. Obviously, clarity is one of the fundamental qualities of this text.

2. Convey enthusiasm

It is very important to instill enthusiasm in the people who are reading the description, always avoiding using extremely exaggerated tones: in fact, this does not mean lying or exaggerating the results that can be obtained by following the training path. However, it is necessary to highlight the objectives and above all the positive results that can be achieved through the online course.

3. Use keywords

If we talk about the internet, we cannot ignore the so-called "SEO optimization", that is mainly the use of keywords (keywords) within the content that allows us to improve our position within search engines. The keywords, therefore, are indispensable in the description of the online course not only to be able to describe as precisely as possible the object of the training course but also to have more visibility on the internet.

4. Provide a program

To indicate the program of the course does not mean to specify each of the phases of the course, a question that will be developed in another section of the presentation, but to specify which commitment the online course will require. Will it only take half an hour a day or will there be a need for a more constant and prolonged commitment? This data is essential to give users the opportunity to make an informed choice.

5. Speak directly to users

In the descriptions of the online courses it is preferable to go directly to potential students to create a direct connection that allows them to feel at ease from the beginning. It is preferable, therefore, to use simple language, although without falling into jargon.

In addition to this, to propose the course to the public and put it on the market, it will then be essential to define the right price.

For further information on the presale of an online course, review 5 good reasons to organize the pre-sale of an online course and How to organize an online course presale.

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