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Growth potential for e-Learning: 3 areas of interest

e-Learning platforms offer an efficient and economical way of disseminating the most diverse knowledge to a broad audience. The key to success for an industry is to find areas of convergence between business interests and training goals.

1. Medical training

Developed countries are facing rapid population aging. This demographic trend is driving the demand for qualified medical specialists and traditional educational institutions are often having problems responding to requests. This represents an unprecedented opportunity for the e-Learning industry as it is ready to meet the scale of demand. e-Learning courses already are helping to satisfy the need for medical personnel in Australia, where it is possible to obtain certifications for the nursing profession entirely online. This is a kind of path that e-Learning professionals from other countries should keep an eye on in the coming years.

2. Big Data and data science

Today, companies around the world base strategic and operational planning on data. Data science experts are increasingly in demand, but they do not abound on the market. IBM expects a 28% increase in demand for data scientists over the next two years. e-Learning platforms can participate in an essential way in the development of a whole new generation of data scientists.

3. Artificial intelligence

According to a recent survey, business leaders from different industries expect that artificial intelligence will change the way businesses operate in the near future, but the reality of the facts shows that it's really hard to find people with the skills needed to make it happen.
e-Learning platforms are very suitable for the training on these skills. Furthermore, in the coming years, the development and deployment of artificial intelligence systems will cause a surge in the need for qualified people to deal not only with the creation of technology, but also with its maintenance.

These are just some of the areas of greatest growth that e-Learning specialists should keep an eye on, right away.

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