Year 3 - number 56 Wednesday 13 february 2019

How to define the price of an online course

Analysis of competition and its added value are not enough to establish the price of an online course. Price policy must be included in your marketing strategy.

Giving a price to your online course is always a very delicate moment. A price that is too low might suggest that the quality is not high enough, while a price that is too high could simply result in lost sales. How to position yourself in the online course market? To the traditional analysis of competition, we must add a marketing strategy focused on its value.

1. Analyze the market to decide the price of an online course

The first way to find out about the price of an online course is to know your target market by collecting key information on competition and demand for courses. Those who offer a marketing course, for example, can do a simple online search to see what the price of other similar courses is. The most neutral strategy is to practice the same price as competitors. Another factor to consider is the demand for these courses. If there are updated data on the number of students enrolled in a course, you can understand if there is a lot or a little demand. In the case of high demand, it makes sense to keep the price quite high because it means that for consumers that content is of value.

2. Decide on the price based on the content of an online course

The price of an online course varies depending on the content that is proposed.

3. Enter the price of an online course in the marketing strategy

To know what rate to apply, you must enter the price in your marketing strategy:

Therefore, the price of an online course does not depend solely on the competition or the content of the course. It also depends on your marketing strategy and the benefits that the online training path will bring to students.