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5 reasons why start-ups should consider eLearning solutions

5 reasons why start-ups should consider eLearning solutions
Chiara Mastroleo
 Chiara Mastroleo
 Best Practices
11/07/2018: Training is not usually the highest priority for start-ups. But is it really necessary (and convenient) to renounce to it?

In large companies, training and development are an integral part of the strategy to motivate employees. This does not normally happen in start-ups where training is not top priority. Despite this, continuous training is the only way to grow the business: train yourself, employees, customers and partners of commercial channels.

If you have just launched a start-up, training is probably the last thing that goes through your head, given the economic weight of the complete training programs. In this case, you could think to eLearning as a solution to your training needs.

Here are 5 reasons why start-ups should adopt eLearning solutions:

1. New hires

The introduction of new staff is the most important asset for any business. Hiring new employees is a stimulating activity, but the key thing is to be able to quickly integrate them.
Regardless of the number of new hires, eLearning solutions allow you to train staff at any time without hindering the normal workflow.

2. Enhance professional skills

In the start-up phase, employees may find themselves having to cope with various responsibilities and training is often postponed until later. But the rule number one that should be followed by all the start-ups is to involve the employees and, to do this, we must make sure to base the training on the acquisition of new skills.
From this point of view, eLearning solutions are neither difficult to manage nor expensive. Employee training is a necessity for start-ups and this can be done through technology, in the form of eLearning solutions.

3. Be up to standard

As regulatory compliance becomes increasingly stringent, addressing compliance issues can be an unpleasant experience for start-up businesses.
Providing mandatory training is not a simple task, but eLearning solutions can be a great help to effectively tackle this challenge (personalizing training to the needs of each organization).

4. Training of customers and business partners

Training is essential not only for employees but also for channel partners, customers, resellers and suppliers.
You can introduce new product ideas to customers and take advantage of the information gathered from surveys and quizzes to communicate effectively with them.
You will also need to provide a Learning Management System (LMS): it is essential to host and distribute eLearning courses.
In addition, start-ups following a channel partnership strategy will benefit from e-Learning solutions: they can use eLearning courses to help business partners better understand the value of products, thus pushing sales volumes up.

5. Motivated teams

The employees of a start-up are often induced to prolong the working hours, keeping the level of innovation and creativity high: this can drain them mentally and physically. Keeping all team members motivated is a way to increase employee loyalty to the company. How? When you offer a good education you give them signals of appreciation toward their contribution.

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