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How organize the presale an online course

Catia Dos Santos
 Catia Dos Santos
 Best Practices
21/11/2018: The hardest part of presale for an online course is to convince users to make the purchase. Here are some useful strategies to make prospects informed and enthusiasts of the e-learning product before it comes out on the market.
How organize the presale an online course

Preselling your online course is a way to validate your e-learning idea and get anticipated feedbacks and resources, for a safer launch. The problem is being able to convince your target customers to buy their own course even before it is launched on the market. To do this, you need to focus on the relationship and communication with your target audience. Here are some tips to succeed.

1. Know the characteristics of a presale

The first thing to know, before jumping into the presale, is that the goal is to create an advantage not only for the educational trainer but also for potential students. Generally, a pre-sale is made before writing an online course to understand how many people are willing to buy it. Based on user response, the trainer adjusts the course program or waives to produce content that would require time and investment. From the student's point of view, the advantage that leads to the purchase of an online course before its launch is the possibility of having the content he/she need at an advantageous price.

2. Build a long lasting relationship with your target

The second condition for the success of a presale is that the trainer can be able to contact the target to inform about the imminent launch of the e-learning content. Every educational trainer should create and keep the relationship with their customers alive, by exploiting different channels:

  • classroom training
  • social network
  • sector events

On each occasion you can add contacts to your list of potential customers and contact them via social or email to make the presale of the most suitable course for them.

3. Use social, blog and other marketing channels to generate interest

When you want to convince customers to buy a product before its launch, you need to generate interest, using different tools according to the target.
If potential users are students and young, it is easier to reach them with social networks like Facebook, Instagram or a simple video on Youtube. In the case of professionals, you can use LinkedIn, Twitter and newsletter as preferential channels.
Another useful tool to generate interest is a blog where the future topics of the online course are discussed, creating in the user the need to deepen and get more details through the course.

4. Write a successful landing page

The next step is to create a landing page that can convert readers into buyers. It can even be a static page where you clearly indicate:

  • the training need that the online course wants to cover;
  • the target to which the course is aimed;
  • the skills that the students will acquire;
  • the program of the course;
  • information on the trainer;
  • the need to act and buy the course (call to action)

In order for the presale of an online course to be successful, it is good to keep in mind that it should not only bring benefits to the trainer but also to the users. This is why a successful presale is based on a continuous relationship between the trainer and its users. The aim is to generate interest in e-learning content and include all the information needed to turn a contact into a student.

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