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MOOC for e-Learning professionals

MOOC for e-Learning professionals
Catia Dos Santos
 Catia Dos Santos
 Best Practices
06/02/2019: The peak for those involved in eLearning? Never have attended an online course. So it is better to take cover with a MOOC with which to train and put yourself in the shoes of their students.

Can you be an eLearning professional without having ever taken an online course? The answer should be negative. In reality, it is a situation that could happen. For example, a traditional trainer has to answer the request to put their training content online for the first time. Or, there is the case of those who choose to do the work of an instructional designer and need specific training on the subject. In both cases, just choose among the many MOOC, the free mass online courses, with which to update and deepen their skills in the eLearning world. MOOCs are found on several portals that offer free courses from universities all over the world.

1. Learning to teach online

This course offered by the UNSW University of Sydney, is aimed at those who want to learn how to design and offer courses online or in blended mode. The goal is to help teachers find a strategy that suits their students and their training needs by planning activities, methods of verification and increasing the participation of learners. The course is free and lasts 19 hours with the possibility of attending 3-4 hours a week. The language of instruction is English, but there are subtitles.

2. Advanced strategies for online educational planning

Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom is a course at the University of California that caters to he wants to deepen his knowledge of online teaching strategies. The main advantage of this course is that it is subtitled in Italian, so it is easier to follow.
Furthermore, it has a practical implication since during the course teachers will have to put into practice what they have learned by creating online resources for use with their students. The focus seems to take advantage of eLearning to involve all students in the learning process with a personalized approach.

3. Learn the 7c of the educational design

The 7cs of Learning Design course is offered by the University of Naples Federico II and the University of Bath SPA. The goal is to strengthen teachers' educational design skills using online courses and collaborative methods. The 7c of the design in English start from the idea of course, conceptualize, to put into practice, consolidated, passing through the search for material, capture, and communication.

4. Innovative approaches for eLearning

If you want to know how the future of eLearning and learning in general can be, you can find the Ecologies of eLearning course, offered by the University of Illinois. The course invites you to reflect on the digital transformation of the training dealing with innovative concepts such as: ubiquitous learning, active learning, the concept of multimodal, recursive feedback, collaborative intelligence, meta cognition, differentiated learning.
Taking an online course has the double advantage of being able to deepen your knowledge of eLearning and put yourself in the shoes of a student. Only in this way can the trainer really live a training experience and draw le

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