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Social learning: why it is important to share knowledge in e-Learning?

Social learning: why it is important to share knowledge in e-Learning?
Chiara Mastroleo
 Chiara Mastroleo
 Best Practices
21/11/2018: Digital social learning is one of the trends of e-Learning, with a specific goal: to put users and their experiences at the centre of learning. Why this is important for a company and how it can stimulate employees?

When we talk about digital social learning we refer to the possibility of sharing the knowledge acquired in e-Learning mode. It is often assumed that sharing takes place spontaneously, within an organization / company. No, it's not always like that.

Managers do not always help colleagues to solve a problem, explaining how they should behave or providing the information they acquire in e-Learning training courses.

How can we solve this problem?

The use of social networks in e-Learning can turn out to be one of the possible solutions we can take to overcome the challenges faced by the world of work every day.

In recent years the desire to spread digital social learning is growing more and more, proposing a model in which the person is at the centre of the online learning experience. After all, it is an approach based on building social relationships and sharing ideas, constantly confronting each other in groups or within a heterogeneous social network.

How is it possible to create a work environment that can promote social learning? First of all, it is important that the CEO introduces social tools and methods for his employees within the company philosophy, such as: corporate social networks, storytelling, contests, surveys, gamification, as well as the possibility of brainstorming in-house and in virtual mode.

At the time of training, a company's employees tend to forget the information they have received; this type of social learning, on the other hand, promotes the preservation of knowledge, thus stimulating communication among the various members of a work team.

Why is it so important to share knowledge in e-Learning (as we state in the title of this article)?

Sharing is part of the way people learn.

In fact, according to the "Social Learning Theory" by the Canadian psychologist Albert Bandura, learning is fundamentally social and this is reflected in every field of training, with aspects of great importance in e-Learning training.

So e-Learning is the ideal scenario for social learning because, after an online training course, it is possible to share the knowledge acquired both in an oral way with the various resources working at the same company and on the various social platforms. We are not just talking about Facebook groups and polls, but also about other tools such as discussion forums and Wikipedia, channels that can stimulate every kind of interaction.

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