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How much does the User Experience of the users of the LMS platform count in an e-Learning course

Chiara Mastroleo
 Chiara Mastroleo
28/11/2018: A company that provides e-Learning courses will certainly use LMS platforms, interfaces with support services. Why it is very important to consider the LMS User Experience for the success of a course?
How much does the User Experience of the users of the LMS platform count in an e-Learning course

According to a Bersin/Deloitte study published by Forbes, LMS platforms are becoming increasingly essential in the management of online training in e-Learning mode.

Why? First of all, we need to underline how useful these interfaces are to make a training path even more performing in terms of results achieved by the user. For this reason, it is very important to focus on the User Experience to make the e-Learning training even more effective and make the whole study process easier.

What do we mean with the term "User Experience"?

It refers to the interaction of users with the LMS system, which must be updated whenever the needs of online training change, in order to offer the student a simple and intuitive experience.

Let's go back to the main question: why is it so important to take the user experience into account in an online training course? Surely because being able to navigate the interface and access the training content without problems can lead the user to complete the journey in shorter time compared to a user who does not know how to master the platform.

The LMS platform must not be an obstacle for the student; on the contrary, it must be a useful tool to facilitate the online training process.

The person responsible for creating the user interface should therefore pay attention to designing an intuitive dashboard, thus avoiding complicated mechanisms that can generate not only confusion but also stress, that in the long run could lead the student to abandon his/her training objective.

Therefore, it is important to understand that if the contents of an e-Learning training course are not easily usable due to the interface, the user may not complete the training due to his / her negative experience. Clearly, all the other courses on the same LMS platform will also have the same fate.

It often happens that a company that provides online training courses should review its platform if it is not appreciated by students. In this regard, a report by Brandon Hall Group reveals that about half of the companies interviewed in 2016 had plans to replace their LMS platform. The goal is to obtain LMS platforms characterized by a better user experience.

The "economic" factor should not be underestimated either. In fact, the User Experience is important also for the economic results of a training company: an LMS platform that provides a poor User Experience can also damage the resources within an organization, in addition to the online training program, decreasing the requests of the students.

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