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How to ask for support in an e-Learning course

Chiara Mastroleo
 Chiara Mastroleo
 e-Learning Platforms
16/01/2019: During online learning something could go wrong, giving some difficulty to the student. Let's see how we should behave in case of technical problems with your platform.
How to ask for support in an e-Learning course

The moments dedicated to learning are very delicate: the student tries to reach and focus on his final training objective, filling the training gaps. During an e-Learning course, everything will hopefully be ok, and the online platform will perform properly and guarantee a perfect result of the training course.

But something could go wrong, even if we always wish the opposite. To overcome any problems, let's see what solutions to adopt and how we can ask for technical support and assistance.


Do you have problems with the software you are using for the course in e-Learning mode? Make sure that there might be video tutorials online that deal with the problem you just encountered and give the solution to solve it.


Same for forums where all students who have encountered your problem will be able to tell you their experience and solution. In a few words, they are a real community were students are supporting each other.


The best platforms have functions to allow you to contact the technical or didactic assistance service for any problem related to the use of the e-Learning platform. Such a platform function directly addresses the user to the service, to receive support through a tutor who will guide and show what to do, step by step.


Ticket assistance is very practical. Many e-Learning platforms allow users to open a ticket for assistance. How does it work? Simple, the user can write a message directly on the control panel to explain the problem that does not allow him/her to continue on the training path. The technicians will respond to the support request by email or through the same panel.


Most online platforms have a customer support phone number. However, before contacting by phone the technical support to explain your problem and then follow the wizard indicated by the call centre, make sure your annual/monthly fee includes such a service.

Please find below some tips on how to effectively expose a problem:

  • insert the needed space between the various paragraphs so that the message can be read clearly;
  • use bulleted or numbered lists to highlight your problems;
  • asking questions is an effective way to find solutions: the support team will be able to answer all your doubts, question by question, without loosing any point;
  • using screenshots is a way to avoid writing a lot of text with the possibility of being misunderstood. The screenshots allow you to show what you are doing and what problem has occurred, thus facilitating the work of technical assistance.

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