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What is an LRS - Learning Record Store?

A Learning Record Store, or LRS, is a system used in conjunction with xAPI to collect, store and retrieve people's learning experiences. Memorizing the experiences or results of the student makes it possible to present the data in such a way as to make it accessible in a complete and easy to interpret way.

How does it work?

An LRS uses xAPI to collect data about the student training experience, both online and offline. These experiences are reported to the LRS in the form of xAPI instructions and then archived. They can therefore be retrieved for the interpretation of training data. Typically, an LRS will provide dashboards and reporting features.
With this approach, the way in which learning activities are reported is standardized. This simplifies the interpretation of data from many different sources.

What is the difference between an LRS and an LMS?

An LRS does not replace an LMS or vice versa. The main difference between these two systems is that LRS is mainly able to trace and store the xAPI instructions while LMS, in addition to managing all your learning needs, keeps track and reports the results of training through their native reporting. If necessary, data can be forwarded from an LMS to an LRS.

LMS providers can incorporate an LRS into their LMS product. But it is not necessary to have an LRS to generate reports: you should be able to do it directly within your LMS.

Do you need an LRS?

The answer to this question depends on your goals and your resources. An LMS and an LRS can be integrated with xAPI and perform different functions.

In general, an LRS is necessary if you want to track a large number of learning activities from a multitude of sources, leaving data management to a specialized system while focusing on course content.
If you do not have a large number of ongoing training activities or a very large number of users to monitor, you will not generate enough data to allow a meaningful analysis.

Text taken from elearninglearning

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