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8 tips to quickly form new hires thanks to e-learning

8 tips to quickly form new hires thanks to e-learning
Catia Dos Santos
 Catia Dos Santos
26/09/2018: Are the new team members ready from day one, or do they need to strengthen their skills? Here are some tips to prepare them as soon as possible thanks to online training.

New employees need to perform functions and follow procedures from the first day of work. Lack of skills, however, can hinder productivity. The good news is that there are tools like microlearning and other online training activities that can help newcomers in a short time.
Here are 8 useful tips.

1. Start with the self-assessment of skills

Online training could start by asking new hires to consider their skills so as to identify their major weaknesses and develop the online training accordingly. In this case, the needs analysis can be done in the form of branching scenarios, that is a succession of questions that, unlike quizzes, changes and adapts to the users' response.

2. Use online simulations

Online simulations put new employees in front of a likely real situation where they develop, for example, the communication skills needed to manage customer complaints and learn how to manage stress.

3. Take examples from the real world

Real-life examples help new recruits implement the skills and knowledge acquired through online training. The tools to be used are case studies and real stories that can be represented with greater veracity by creating online characters, incorporating audio files, realistic images and games.

4. Use personal anecdotes in online training

Acquiring, in a very short time, the skills of the most experienced members of the team can look difficult, if not impossible. To make this goal more realistic, the trainer can tell his personal experiences, or those of other colleagues who have managed to build a wealth of skills with online training.

5. Create a library for online microlearning focused on skills

Employees need resources that they can consult when needed, especially if they are beginners. Creating an online library focused on personal skills can be very useful for accelerating learning. It is enough to divide the online resources into micro-categories that answer the questions of new employees.

6. Offer personalized online training courses

Each member of a team has its own strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, it is always good to provide optional training paths. This way, new employees can choose the courses with exactly the needed skills and learn according to their own pace.

7. Create a live webinar on the learning management system

A live webinar is an excellent opportunity to have an answer to your doubts. The trainer must create the event on the LMS in advance and encourage new employees to submit a list of questions. By registering at the webinar, also those who can not physically attend can catch the learning opportunity.

8. Post short tips on social media

An additional important training tool for new recruits is represented by groups on social media, where the trainer can post specific topics. To facilitate user interaction, a closed group can also be created.

With these 8 tips it will be easier for new employees to acquire the skills they need, increase self-confidence and receive the needed support.

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