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Continuous learning in the e-learning era

Carmine Roca
 Carmine Roca
27/02/2019: Continuous learning is a process of constant renewal of one's own knowledge, useful both at an individual level and for companies that want to invest in training their employees.
Continuous learning in the e-learning era

Continuous learning in the age of e-learning

Continuous learning is a process of constant acquisition of new knowledge. We live in an age when what is valid today may not be valid tomorrow anymore. So, in order not to fall behind and to be able to respond to the challenges that the world poses on a daily basis, it is necessary to have a proactive mind, ready to incorporate any change and to face it with the right mindset.

An example

We think of the introduction of computers. Those who until 20-25 years ago were used to work with traditional methods and tools had to adapt to the new that was inexorably advancing. Today, in any office, it would be unthinkable to work without a computer. Of course, incorporating change was not easy, especially for those who were already over the years. Yet when a technology has the ability to deeply renew the world around us there is not much to do: we must adapat to it, otherwise we risk being left out.

Continuous learning at the individual level

From the individual point of view, continuous learning consists of all the activities that the user performs daily to improve their skills and knowledge. He can do it in different ways: asking for help or observing who is more experienced, putting into practice what you already know, experimenting in the field or taking training courses and online updates.

Continuous learning in Business

Even companies need to stimulate their team members and direct them to new and updated training paths. Moreover, such an activity reinforces cohesion within the company and promotes the involvement of resources.
Any company should invest in training, both offline and in e-learning format. In doing so, the costs associated with the possible hiring of new employees are also lowered. Better to invest in existing resources, providing them with tools and methods to constantly update their know-how and skills. The ROI (Return of Investment) for companies is guaranteed by the fact that training, both in the short, medium and long term, will allow employees to respond and meet the needs of the companies they work for.

How to practice continuous learning with e-learning

Today, technology offers various opportunities to practice continuous learning, even remotely. The web is full of resources, both free and paid, which allow you to constantly update on everything related to their work, but also their personal interests.
Learning in e-learning format is useful because it offers the possibility, at any time, to access very interesting contents. In addition, there are paths that can promote an interaction similar to that one would have in a traditional vis-à-vis course.
There are many alternatives and you have plenty of choice. Everything depends on the goal you want to achieve. The important thing is to always get involved and have the Socratic humility and awareness that there is always something that can be improved.

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