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What is the true value of e-Learning for companies?

What is the true value of e-Learning for companies?
Chiara Mastroleo
 Chiara Mastroleo
26/09/2018: e-Learning has become a large and constantly growing industrial sector, which has attracted investments by organizations like businesses, governments and schools. Many recognize its importance and its founding role in this new Digital Age.

What do we use e-Learning for?

E-Learning is used to carry out training that leads to faster and more accurate work performance, transmitting to employees and customers what the company deems appropriate and then testing to what extent the information has been understood.

The real usefulness of e-Learning can refer to the problem-solving area: discovering the issues that the company needs to deepen and what it still does not need. Most e-Learning solutions are designed to improve people's training in understanding real facts, not just to help them solve a problem.

Suppose a company wants to do a good job by teaching its employees basic computer programming. In this case, the teacher would expose the basic rules, making sure that attendants are understanding them, provide them with the elements of programming and finally test how much the participants are able to apply the learned notions.
E-Learning uses the same method, adding only help from the technology.

e-Learning offers an instructor the possibility to prepare the lesson program in advance with animations and videos and allows the employees to watch the training session during their free time and according to their own plan. It is an "improved technique of substitution for traditional teaching". The teacher can evaluate the preparation of the employees by doing a test and the lessons can be used every time the student considers it necessary. This gives many benefits to the company, such as reducing training costs, and gives benefits also to the employees as they can repeat the lesson until they have learned it.

In addition, there will always be the need to educate employees about the company they work for. The more a customer service representative knows the product and the services offered, the better the service will be. Since these people represent the company, it is normal that they can collaborate and communicate not only problems, but also solutions.

Any company needs employees with:

  • an accurate knowledge of the company, its products and the sector it belongs to, which, overall, represents the Intellectual Property that gives value to the company;
  • a knowledge of how to get answers to the most difficult questions: the "unknowns".

If a company fails to find answers to its "unknowns", it will not be able to renew itself. And innovation is the key to success.

Learning to solve problems helps to find hypotheses to make decisions. Problem-solving is a superior cognitive function. The whole process is made possible by two other superior functions: technology and "other people", as well as by the ability to collaborate, that is meant as collaboration with others and with technology.

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