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Why invest in personalized e-Learning?

Chiara Mastroleo
 Chiara Mastroleo
26/09/2018: Every organization has an image that can be different from the strategy and philosophies of top management, influencing investors and public perception. Personalized e-Learning training programs are born to manage these business realities.
Why invest in personalized e-Learning?

1- A better branding

In an e-Learning course, every aspect can be customized to perfectly represent the image of your organization's brand, whether it's characters, colours combinations, logo positioning, style guide or language tone, making it the intellectual property of your own organization.
Your employees, even those offshore, will be much more motivated by seeing how much effort you invest in learning resources. Giving maximum priority to training programs always has a positive impact.

2- Resonance with your employees

The content of a personalized e-Learning course is developed only after having thoroughly analysed your demographic target. Who are your students? New hires, industry veterans, technical novices or experts? The age group, the time available for learning and the linguistic ability of the employees are all important elements to select the contents that will put your students at their ease and improve the quality of their learning.

3- Customized learning objectives

Each personalized e-Learning course defines clearly the key suggestions for your employees. The pre-packaged solutions do not give you great control over your goals. But with a personalized course, you can define what students will precisely learn from the course or its learning objectives.
If a topic requires more insight, you can easily add some goals. In the same way you can remove unnecessary portions of a topic that you think is marginal. Your digital training program will be so much more effective, as students will not waste time on useless content.

4- Maintenance without hassle

The beauty of a course developed from scratch is that you know its architecture inside and out. You have the control of all the source files, the technical configuration, the tools used and all the other parameters necessary for the creation of an e-Learning course. This way, its maintenance becomes a child's play. You can make changes directly to the source file and upload it to your LMS to reflect on the entire audience.

5- Greater duration

A personalized e-Learning course is developed considering your organization's business practices and the latest industry trends. This means that you can even upgrade your courses to keep up with new market developments.
Think about your company deciding to expand into other countries in the near future. You can easily create multilingual versions of the same course without losing any impact on learning.
Developing a personalized e-Learning course will require a certain amount of time and money. But it is a commitment that, in the long run, will pay you back. Think about the advantage of being able to reuse the courses for different groups of students! Choose the personalized courses now and collect the fruits!

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