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Belgrade 2018: the 9th International Conference on eLearning

Belgrade 2018: the 9th International Conference on eLearning
Giulio Regosa
 Giulio Regosa
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02/05/2018: The 9th International Conference on eLearning will take place in Belgrade on 27th and 28th September, 2018.

Organized by the Belgrade Metropolitan University, the Open University of the Netherlands and the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences, the 9th International Conference on eLearning will take place in Belgrade (Serbia) on September 27 and 28, 2018.

This year, the eLearning 2018 conference focuses on:

  1. Technical concepts of eLearning
  2. Educational design of eLearning
  3. Pedagogical / psychological aspects of e-learning

Some of the proposed topics are:


Technical Concepts

  • Learning Management Systems (LMSs)
  • Virtual learning environments (VLEs)
  • Mobile learning technology
  • Personal learning environments
  • Infrastructure of eLearning environments
  • Authoring tools
  • Social networks and Web 2.0 technologies
  • Learning objects
  • Standards and interoperability
  • Learning analytics
  • Learning networks

Instructional Design

  • Design and development of online courses
  • Adaptability
  • Experiential learning
  • Gamification of learning
  • Content Development
  • Organizational strategy
  • E-Portfolios
  • Curriculum development
  • Quality assurance in eLearning
  • Effective learning strategies
  • Managing time, workload, and cost when using eLearning
  • Assessment approaches using new and emerging technologies

Pedagogical/Psychological Aspects

  • Pedagogical models and strategies
  • Pedagogical and psychological requirements for eLearning systems
  • Learning/teaching methodologies and assessment
  • Learning theories, teaching methods and eLearning
  • Implementing pedagogical methods in eLearning systems
  • Didactical issues of eLearning
  • Personalized eLearning
  • Motivation and eLearning
  • E-Teacher kills and competencies
  • Educating the educators
  • Brain, lifestyle & cognition
  • Information skills
  • Online learning performance and behaviour

Those interested can send papers for publication - with prior approval - in the Conference proceedings about research, case studies or reviews.

The deadline for the presentation of these papers is June 15th, 2018 for an abstract of maximum 150 words, and September 1st, 2018 for the presentation of the final paper, with a length between 3 and 6 pages. the address to send these texts to is

You can find more information about the Conference and how to send the texts on the website

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