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The future of e-Learning in an infographic

The future of e-Learning in an infographic
Catia Dos Santos
 Catia Dos Santos
05/09/2018: A simple and intuitive representation to explain what will be the future of e-Learning, online learning.

Currently, the sectors where e-Learning training is most widespread are health, manufacturing, engineering, risk management, education and banking.

But there are other fields where e-learning can find a thriving market, from the more traditional to the innovative high-tech sectors.

Who will use e-Learning

The reasons that push to the use e-Learning platforms change according to the client and the objectives they want to achieve.

For some crucial businesses, the purpose of e-Learning is to pass on knowledge, monitor learning and review the elements learned. At managerial level it is an excellent tool for evaluating performance, while for government and institutions in general, e-Learning will be used to promote reforms. Different sectors will use e-Learning to disseminate the so-called soft skills, training for sales or to increase the knowledge of permanent workers.

In all these sectors, as well as in commerce, in agricultural enterprises and in services for children, e-Learning will be a driver of change and improvement of performance.

How will e-Learning be in the future?

From a technical point of view, e-Learning services will be used by users through:

  • MOOC: mass courses open to all
  • mLearning: mobile learning
  • multi-device: learning through different channels such as computers, smartphones, tablets etc.
  • projections
  • holography
  • gamification
  • virtual / augmented reality

Some data on the e-Learning industry

In 2015, large companies accounted for 30% of e-Learning buyers. Worldwide, it is estimated that the e-Learning sector had a turnover of 107 billion dollars. The mobile learning market, smartphone education, is growing and has increased from 8.7 billion dollars in 2015 to 12.2 billion dollars in 2017. Another important data concerns the MOOCs that have seen a 20% increase at company level.

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