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Why does business education need microlearning? - Infographics

It has been established that microlearning (training in short training pills) facilitates the learning of contents. But why adopt microlearning in the company?

1. Reduces training costs

  • Microlearning content can be developed 300% faster than traditional eLearning courses;
  • The forms are short and, consequently, the cost of a possible translation is reduced.

2. Improves the conservation of knowledge

  • Microlearning simplifies storage and improves information storage;
  • Microlearning helps employees overcome the curve of oblivion.

3. Increase the application of knowledge

  • Microlearning involves students in the use of content over the long term;
  • The microlearning modules can be made available to students exactly at the time of need (just-in-time learning), providing performance support.

4. Improves the involvement of learners

  • Research shows that employees are more involved when learning is concentrated in short time periods (about 7-11 minutes).
  • Various content distribution formats (such as videos, infographics, animations and simulations) can be used in microlearning to make learning even more engaging.

5. Contributes to in-depth learning

  • Training completion rates improve with more concise learning modules.
  • Microlearning facilitates performance support and allows students to make necessary decisions for their work in real time.

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