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Case study: how to increase sales by 200% thanks to a Learning Management System, LMS

Case study: how to increase sales by 200% thanks to a Learning Management System, LMS
Catia Dos Santos
 Catia Dos Santos
11/09/2019: Is it possible for a small training institution to become scalable by tripling the number of students thanks to online courses? We are looking for answers with an American case study.

The Minnesota Highway Safety & Research Center, MHSRC, is a small road safety agency headed by St. Cloud State University. The decision to add online courses to classroom courses also led the small body of just 9 employees to increase the number of students by over 200% in just 3 years. This exponential increase was not matched by a proportional investment, so we can say that the MHSRC has implemented a scalable business model. How is it possible to have such a surprising result? Of course, the size of the American market and the predisposition to the use of IT systems will certainly have weighed on the positive outcome of the choice of training in eLearning mode. What the MHSCR has done is within the reach of any company, especially the small Italian training institutions that are about to adopt eLearning. All you must do is follow some basic steps.

1. Select the appropriate LMS

The first step of the MHSRC was to choose the most suitable LMS for its business. In this case, it is a body that deals with road safety and has always provided classroom lessons and practical exercises on a circuit where students could apply the concepts learned on safe driving on the highway. Coming from different American states, the students have shown to appreciate an intuitive and easy to manage LMS, where to find the practical element of the circuit. The right strategy is to choose the LMS that offers the training system that best suits your audience: simulations, gamification, virtual classroom, blended training management ...

2. Starting from your own eLearning course

Another winning strategy of the American training institution was to choose the most popular course to test the students' reaction to the new delivery method. Any company, small or large, looking for online training for the first time is more likely to start off on the right foot if it starts with the most successful training course for its students.

3. Promote the online course through some strategic partners

Finally, the MHSRC has decided to promote the novelty of online courses by exploiting the strategic channels of classroom courses. Dealing with road safety, the center has always had partnerships with insurance companies. By offering discounts to students from partner companies, the center has secured a broader base of students, even in different parts of the country, attracted by the possibility of distance learning, at their own pace.

When we read some successful case studies from larger economies, such as the United States, we tend to underestimate the model strength that they could have in the national context. Instead, a small Italian company can succeed exactly like a small American reality to triple its students by choosing the right LMS, focusing on the most requested courses and activating strategic partnerships. The secret of scalability of training institutions is revealed!

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