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How can I create eLearning courses faster?

How can I create eLearning courses faster?
Palmira Marchetti
 Palmira Marchetti
24/04/2019: Many make the mistake of immersing themselves enthusiastically in the design of the course, without dwelling on some focal points.

Here are 3 points to keep in mind when designing an online course.

1. Evaluate the actual learning needs of your employees

You must assess the real learning needs of your employees. This means that you need to know what your employees need to train before starting course preparation. Here's how:

  • Identify what your employees already know through interviews or by collecting data;
  • Set new learning objectives: e-learning is perfect for filling gaps in skills or knowledge, but it is generally not effective if the problem you face is the lack of customer satisfaction;
  • Think about how to achieve these goals with eLearning.

If you have deduced from your assessment of training needs that the mini-courses are ideal for achieving your goals, then start right from the microlearning, using courses that generally last only a few minutes and require about 10- 15 hours for creation.
Alternatively you could create an easily modifiable model, a sort of prototype that can be optimized when the training needs of the company change and can be reused for different courses. This will save you time.

2. Identify the experts on the subject who can help you

It is likely that when examining the training needs of your employees you have identified some subject matter experts (both internal and external to your company) who can help you provide most of the information to be used in your e-learning course.
If your goal is to create in-house courses, find the most qualified developer and ask them to do the job. Choosing a beginner could save you money, but it could also double the time needed to create the course.

3. Develop a work program that includes objectives and deadlines

  • Define concrete objectives: what is the objective of the course? What information must the experts provide and in what format? Make sure you do it in advance.
  • Clear execution times: what do you expect to get? Calculate how long it will take to create your eLearning course and make a schedule. Plan your activities accordingly and create a project.
  • Consider the unexpected: who would you contact if the information was not complete or if the experts gave forfeits at the last minute?

Setting goals and deadlines clearly in advance with experts can drastically reduce the preparation time of your eLearning course.

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