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e-Learning and the influence of technology

Chiara Mastroleo
 Chiara Mastroleo
03/10/2018: It is difficult to establish to what extent technological dependence actually influences our culture. It would be false to state that it has not made any changes. The idea of e-Learning is a testimony to the influence of technology.
e-Learning and the influence of technology

Since technology has begun to infiltrate every aspect of life, concern has arisen for what the effects on humans would be.

The screens, in particular, have enchanted us for years, and over time everything has multiplied, both the number of devices and the time we dedicate to them. It has been estimated recently that Americans spend more than 10 hours a day in front of a screen.

However, we are not yet completely sure how this vast amount of time spent in front of screens and technology is affecting us overall.

The undeniable influence of technology

If on the one hand a widespread technological dependence can be questioned, on the other hand it is an absolute evidence that digital devices, especially in the last 20 years, have radically changed us as people.

The increased use of technology can physically affect us negatively, ranging from the onset of benign conditions such as eye fatigue and also of severe aspects like the chronic sitting in front of the screen. So, is technology just a vice that creates a dangerous addiction and are we slowly losing control of it? Or is there anything good that may come from the digital attachments we have cultivated over time?

Is technological dependence of the society a positive condition?

We know that technology can have negative effects on human health, but we must also consider the positive effects that such prodigious technological integration may have.

The dependence on technology can both help and damage physical and mental health, some believe that social and educational problems could also be resolved by a sort of "fight" or "manipulation" of technology dependency. This is not too far from a call for widespread acceleration of e-Learning principles and protocols.

As far as e-Learning is concerned, we can not fail to underline how the use of multimedia technologies and the Internet have improved the quality of learning. Not only that, their influence has facilitated access to resources and services, as well as to remote exchanges and distance collaboration.

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