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The future of e-Learning

The future of e-Learning
Chiara Mastroleo
 Chiara Mastroleo
06/02/2019: Given the success achieved by training on online platforms in recent years, the question that touches the mind of many people is "What will the future be for e-Learning?". That's why we decided to elaborate the subject with you.

Learning in e-Learning mode allows us to expand our personal and professional growth through an individualized, flexible and above all easy to use platform.

The e-Learning method declared itself, year after year, a real success, managing to fill the training gaps present in students and in people who wished to embark on a path of growth. The question that pushes more and more people is whether the e-Learning model can be lasting. Beyond the current success, one wonders whether it is the most appropriate method to account for the use of technologies in education.

Several researches conducted in Italy have managed to make some clarity: what is expected is a booming market for e-Learning.

More and more Italian companies decide to invest part of their annual budget for the training of their employees in order to increase company skills. Not only that, there are also significant investments by individuals and public bodies in European, national, regional and local training programs.

In short, we are faced with a phenomenon that has shown many positive aspects and there seems to be no reason to doubt the existence of a future for the training courses carried out online. In the States we approach in a more critical and skeptical way, basing the answer on in-depth research, data analysis that highlights both positive and negative aspects. This does not mean that there are just and wrong research: it is about considering e-Learning in its various facets.

The US scholar Boshier shows us a negative aspect in his research "Perspectives of Quality in Adult Learning". In his book the scholar defines students intent on forming online as "passive recipients of information".

To overcome this statement, it will therefore be necessary for students not only to listen, but to interact with the platform itself. The future of e-Learning will be just that: interaction, both in business and in the educational field. The more the user confronts online in an active way the more his knowledge and therefore his skills will grow.

Not only that ... e-Learning will increasingly revolutionize the way of understanding the school environment in its strict sense:

  • students will be able to choose a virtual environment for their courses (a setting that could change according to the school subject);
  • the figure of the teacher, however, will no longer be seen as a mere transmitter of knowledge. He will take care of the planning of the course contents making sure that the students integrate the contents online;
  • the "class" will no longer be the traditional one usually made up of about thirty students, but they will have the opportunity to join students from all over the world.

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