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The main errors in mobile learning

Paola Giura
 Paola Giura
02/10/2019: Mobile learning offers endless possibilities. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember the differences between the various devices in order to avoid oversights during the design of the eLearning platform. What are the main errors?
The main errors in mobile learning

The smartphones are one powerful tool in our hands. From instant communication to the possibility of surfing at any time on the internet, mobile phones have opened the doors to the spread of many useful services. E-learning also benefits from the potential of smartphones through the so-called " mobile learning", or the possibility of learning through mobile devices.

We have already spoken in the past of the advantages of using mobile devices for eLearning. However, we must not forget the differences between using a computer and a smartphone. For this reason, it is good to pay attention to the main errors that can ruin the user experience in mobile learning.

1. Not only desktop design

One of the most common mistakes, not only in the field of eLearning, but also in any website, is to think that any page that looks good on the computer screen is equally visible on the page of the mobile. For this reason, during the design phase, it is essential to pay attention to the usability of the eLearning platform also on the mobile phone, avoiding that students, passing from one device to another, could get confused.

2. Too much interactivity

Due to a screen with very small dimensions compared to those of a computer, the design of the eLearning platform on the smartphone must also be adapted from the point of view of interactivity. Users cannot receive the same number of stimuli or need to interact constantly with the platform as it happens on the PC. It is therefore preferable to choose simplicity, reducing the actions to be performed.

3. Content too long

Just like in any course, you must deal with the level of attention of the students. On the smartphone the concentration decreases easily due to the continuous notifications that usually arrive on this type of device. For this reason, it is preferable to choose short textual content but also to take advantage of microlearning (link 5 w of microlearning) in visual content.

4. Do not use social potential

If the smartphone is not the right medium for all types of training, it is true that it gives the possibility to improve learning through social media. The possibility to connect at any time to social networks, in fact, can be used not only to receive immediate feedback, but also to interact with other students, expand the possibilities of knowledge and resolve doubts quickly.

5. Ignore the technical elements

The technical design team must pay great attention to the choice of the mobile platform, taking into account, for example, the need for continuous updates, but also by opting for a good strategy that allows students to use the platform safely.

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