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Continue to engage students after the course ends

How do you promote engagement with students who have already finished one of your courses? Here are some strategies for keeping in touch with them.

Retaining customers is one of the big goals of companies. It is also so in the eLearning industry. Acquiring new customers, in fact, is more expensive than keeping them. Of course, that means you have to constantly pay attention to customer satisfaction.

In the world of eLearning, however, it's quite common for learners to not return after the course ends: it's difficult to retain them as it is in the retail sector, for example. Yet it's not impossible. Here are some tips for getting students to return and have them recommend the course and/or platform to friends and family:

1. Offer advanced levels

Have the learners already completed their course? Offer certifications and advanced levels so they can keep up with new updates and gain the skills companies need.

2. Focus on microlearning

Courses usually cover a lot of topics and in a fairly general way. Aiming for microlearning means creating many small, in-depth courses so you can look more deeply into the topics they need or are most interested in.

3. Green light to webinars

With the pandemic of COVID-19, there has been an explosion of webinars. They will continue to be a great opportunity to keep in touch with your audience and introduce them to your platform's new offerings. When the pandemic emergency is over, you can also hold live events to allow trainees, mentors, and professionals to meet and interact.

4. Use content marketing

Using content marketing means building customer loyalty through a variety of content such as podcasts, newsletters, videos, PDFs or blogs. These tools are used to attract not only new students but also those trainees who have already participated in a course on the platform and come back for new information.

5. Create a community

Both during and after courses, creating a community allows you to generate a sense of belonging and is one more reason for students to return to your platform. Forums and social networks are perfect for creating a community that allows you to learn more about course topics and also to network.

6. Offer a resource catalog

When creating training courses, you can accumulate a large amount of useful resources. While being careful not to publish copyrighted resources, use everything from infographics to PDFs to create a library that you can make available to learners and give them one more reason to take courses on your eLearning platform.

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