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eLearning: feedback from trainees

How and when to collect feedback from students on an online course?

Feedback is one of the cornerstones of an online course. Not only when the tutors give an assessment to the student, but also when the students give their opinion on the course. In the latter case, the feedback concerns the learning experience, the usability of the platform, communication with the tutors, etc. We have also discussed this crucial issue in "Online course feedback: 5 errors to avoid".

The collection of student feedback can be divided into three chronological moments:

1. Before the beginning of the course

The idea that a student is created before enrolling in a course is fundamental to the final choice. For this reason, it is essential, right from the start, to know what they expect from your training course in order to be able to do the best to meet their expectations. In order to obtain this feedback before the start, it is possible to offer a 24/7 active chat service that can constantly "absorb" all the comments related to first impressions.

2. During the course

It is important that students know that their opinion is welcome at any time throughout the training. Feedback can be gathered directly during the lesson, if it is live, or via videoconference. If there is no direct communication, however, special spaces should be activated, from chat to social networks, to allow students to leave their opinion.

3. After the end of the course

This final feedback serves to give a broad opinion on the whole course, when students have a complete opinion. Do you want to know if there is a good balance between theory and practice? If the tests are too complex? If the platform is not very user-friendly? Undoubtedly the final feedback, organised through specific surveys or systems based on open-ended answers, gives the possibility to solve many of the doubts that were present since the design phase.

Don't you know what to ask students to get really useful answers to improve your course? Here are some ideas:

Questions about the course in general

To find out what the overall impression of the students is, you can ask questions such as:

  • Why did you choose this course?
  • What did you like more or less?
  • To whom would you recommend this course?
  • Did you interact with tutors or other students? Why or why not?

Questions about content

The contents are the soul of the training course. Do you want to know in which areas you can improve? Here are some questions:

  • How would you rate visual content (images, videos, infographics, etc.)?
  • How did you rate the content in general? (Difficult, easy, not very thorough, etc.).
  • Did you miss any part of the course? Why did you miss any part of the course?

Questions about the results

In order to improve the course, it is essential to know whether it has been useful in terms of training and the student's professional development. For this reason, it would be useful to ask in the survey:

  • Were you able to use the skills acquired during the course in your professional life?
  • What is the most useful thing you learned?
  • Did the course give you a different point of view on the main topics?

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