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How to choose the 'voice' of your online course

Paola Giura
 Paola Giura
 Best Practices
09/09/2020 : Subtitles or audio? Artificial voice or voiceover? Here is why and how to choose the most suitable (human) voice for your online course.
How to choose the 'voice' of your online course

Tests, content, videos... when designing an online course the elements to take into account are countless. One of them is often forgotten: the voice. When the course proposes audio and/or video (in this case it would not be a simple voice actor) the voice of the person who gives it life is fundamental. Why? Here are the main reasons:

  • It can increase the involvement and make the course less boring;
  • It helps to build the brand of your eLearning platform;
  • Maximize the potential of storytelling
  • A professional voiceover can give you useful tips to improve your content recording
  • You can adapt your voice to the type of content.

Now that you know the main reasons to hire a voiceover for your online course, here are some tips to choose the right voice:

Artificial' or 'human' voice?

The use of artificial voices is now widespread. Therefore, the first decision to make is whether you prefer to hire a voice actor or choose an artificial voice. It all depends on your needs and the type of course. The fundamental objective, whatever the final choice, is to create a connection with the students.

Yes to professional voice actors

It is not enough that the contents are read by just anybody. It is necessary that they are interpreted and that they are credible and appealing. For this reason, it is essential that eLearning voice actors are professionals. Not only will they be able to find the intonation and creativity that your course deserves and that you need, but they will also be able to bring new ideas and solutions that will improve the project.

Tone suitable for the type of course

Before hiring a voice actor in practice, think about your online course, your theme, your target audience, etc.. It is essential to know, in fact, which professional to choose based on the type of result you want to achieve. Better a sweet voice or a deeper voice? Do you prefer someone with direct experience in training or someone with theatrical experience to improve your storytelling strategy as much as possible?

One voice actor for each language

One of the main advantages of eLearning is that the courses can reach people from anywhere in the world. While in some cases the subtitles in different languages are more than sufficient, in most cases it is preferable to hire a native speaker for each version of the course. Only in this way will you be able to convey the content in the best possible way and keep the students' attention high.

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