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How to convince them to 'invest' in your online course

Why should they choose your online course? eLearning is on the rise, but that means you have to make room for yourself among the competition: how do you get noticed?

eLearning is in fashion. But it is not a passing fad. The pandemic of COVID-19 made it necessary and then showed the usefulness of online training. Obviously, this trend has led to an increase in supply, even if the courses do not always live up to expectations.

Why should a potential student choose your course? Is your aim to turn your training course into a bestseller? Here are a few tips to convince learners to "invest" in your online course:

1. Know your audience

What is your target audience looking for? This is the main question in order to attract potential learners to your course. What are their expectations? What are their ways of learning? Know your audience and you will also know how to meet their needs.

2. Choose a topic of interest

Your online course can be designed down to the last detail, but the topic must be of interest to a minimum number of people. While it is possible to exploit niches that have not yet been explored, it is essential to research carefully whether there is sufficient demand to benefit from the design and sale of the course. 

3. Clarify objectives

No one likes to waste time and money, so those who want to invest in online training need to be able to understand the objectives of the online course at an early stage. What skills will they acquire by the end of the course? Will your course add value to their CV?

4. Interactivity to avoid boredom

Boring students is an unforgivable mistake. Therefore, it is important from the very beginning, from the presentation of the course, to show that the course will be engaging. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use interactivity to 'enliven' learning modes.

5. Avoiding cognitive overload

Microlearning is trendy. However, this does not mean putting a lot of content into a mini course. The result in this case would be cognitive overload and frustration of the learners who are likely to drop the course immediately. Concentrate on the organisation of the course, prioritising the most important content and guiding the learner through the training.

6. Aesthetically appealing course

The eye needs to be involved too. During the design phase it is essential not to forget the graphic elements and the use of colours within the platform in order to convey to the students the idea of a serious, user-friendly and aesthetically appealing training course.

7. Show benefits at company level

Companies are one of the best investors in the world of eLearning. Why should a company choose your course? What can you convey to them? You need to demonstrate that your online course will be shorter but also cheaper than traditional training courses. Not only that. The course must ensure better training and thus the achievement of the company's objectives.

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