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How to evaluate the effectiveness of an eLearning course

Is your online course really as effective as you think? Test it based on the assessment of the course participants, employers and LMS analysis.

Designing an online course is a long and complex job that needs the commitment of several specialists. However, an eLearning course must meet many objectives, the main one being to be an effective one. Potential students decide to enrol in a course in order to acquire the knowledge and skills they need in the immediate future.

For this reason, it is essential to make an objective assessment of our online course to find out if it really delivers the results promised by its description. Depending on the type of training and its objectives, it can be evaluated along three lines, as explained in an eLearning Guild infographic


1. Student Rating

Students who are attending or have already attended the course are an inexhaustible source of feedback. For this, their assessment can be divided into 4 points:

  • Reaction: What are the students' opinions? Did they find the course useful and satisfactory?
  • Learning: students had to take tests and quizzes during and at the end of the course. By analysing all the answers you will be able to see which areas of the course were most easily assimilated;
  • Behaviour: were the students able to apply the lessons learned during the on-the-job training?
  • Results: Was the online course successful?


2. Evaluation of the employer

If the online course has been used in the company for employee training, one of the most direct evaluations is that of the employer or manager of the department in question. It is in the workplace, in fact, that you can see the difference. Were the trainees able to apply the knowledge they learned in their everyday work? Have there been improvements in productivity?


3. Evaluation of the Learning Management System

In addition to the data collected previously, you can get more information from your Learning Management System (LMS). In addition to the possibility to create online courses, in fact, you can also analyze the progress of the course and discover lights and shadows. An LMS, in fact, offers the monitoring of the path of each student and to find out if the students have made progress compared to the first lesson.

And you, do you know how effective your online course is?

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