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Tips for "condensing" the content of an online course

Companies are requiring increasingly shorter courses to meet the needs and time constraints of employees. How to shorten an online course?

One of the advantages of eLearning, and especially microlearning, is the ability to break down a topic into several "blocks." Especially at the corporate level, the brevity of the course allows employees to learn and study quickly. Of course, "shortening" an online course is not the same as summarizing the content of a regular course. It is essential to adapt the information to the "micro" mode.

Here are some tips to make an online course more compact:

Choose the most appropriate content: making a course shorter is not simply about summarizing. It's about selecting the most important information to adapt it to the level and needs of the target audience for which the course is intended. Creating a storyboard can be useful to get an outline of the content in order to organize and simplify it in such a way as to achieve the required learning objectives.

Readable text: it is preferable to avoid filling pages with a lot of text, because it increases the likelihood that trainees will lose focus. This is because it increases the likelihood that students will lose focus. On the contrary, leaving space blank and using shorter text or splitting it over several pages will lighten the load. Don't forget to pay attention to the font.

Divide the content: most adults who enroll in an online course do not have time to study 2 or 3 hours a day. Therefore, it is preferable that the lessons are short, of 15-20 minutes at most, to give the opportunity to learn the most important information in the moments of pause.

Use infographics: one way to summarize content and, at the same time, make it effective, are infographics. Images, in fact, are easier to remember. Therefore, infographics can be a great tool to explain more complex concepts and, especially, to summarize content at the end of each chapter.

Make content more enjoyable: we can watch an episode of a series or a movie that lasts more than half an hour. Yet we can't maintain focus during a 15-minute lecture. Presumably, the designer will need to plan a strategy to make content more enjoyable and fun. What could make the course more enjoyable? Have you ever thought about gamification?

Make it accessible: in order to be practical, a course must be accessible from any device. This is now a fundamental feature of any type of online course, especially in the case of microlearning. Bottom line. In order to avoid wasting time and concentration of the trainees, it is essential that the platform is user-friendly to allow them to move easily and quickly between the pages.

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