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Coronavirus: eLearning not to stop teaching

Anthea De Domenico
 Anthea De Domenico
18/03/2020 : The virus does not stop culture. Thanks to eLearning and videoconferencing activities, nobody will lose the year.
Coronavirus: eLearning not to stop teaching

In the past we have already talked about how useful the use of distance learning in schools can be. 

At this time the closure of schools in Italy is observed from kindergarten to university. Never has such a thing happened for such an extended period of time during the school year.

But did schooling really stop? Despite the suspension of activities, several schools are active with video conferences and lessons in e-learning mode. We have seen how technology is supporting companies in coping with the coronavirus emergency thanks to smart working and online training. The same what applies to schools, where the organization is left to the individual autonomy of the institutions.

The online lessons will be useful to carry on the didactic programs for students of all classes, but especially for those who at the end of the year will have to take the high school or middle school exam.

The use of eLearnig has also extended to universities and higher education institutions (which are not new to online training): of course, once the suspension is over they will have to recover the activities, tests and verifications.

This is a new and particular situation for the Italian school and it will not be easy to manage the absolute novelty (the reality of remote lessons is more widespread in other areas of the world such as the USAUnited Arab Emirates, Africa and countries of the South of the world).

Many realities will be able to take advantage of the closure to sanitize the rooms in order to be ready to resume lessons. On the other hand, "educational trips, exchange or twinning initiatives, guided visits and educational trips, however named, scheduled by school institutions of all levels and levels" remain suspended.

This is an important signal of attention from all over the world of Italian education for a "serious" decision, but considered indispensable.

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