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Learning Technologies 2020: technologies applied to business training

The Learning Technologies fair, the prestigious event dedicated to digital learning and technologies applied to corporate training, was held in London on 12 and 13 February 2020.

The London session of Learning Technologies brought together over 8,500 training professionals who presented the latest in workplace learning technologies and illustrated the opportunities and risks associated with them.

The focus was on technologies that are transforming learning more than others, including artificial intelligence, collaborative learning and virtual reality.

Virtual Reality

We have been talking about virtual reality in company training for some time now, but the data presented in London shows that virtual reality is starting to produce results and that it is no longer a pipe dream. This exciting technology is now being used to support training in companies around the world with measurable results.

Virtual reality is also being used to address health and safety issues, compliance challenges and even behavioural changes in companies.

Artificial Intelligence

Another main theme of the event was that of artificial intelligence and its application in training. Of all the available technologies, this is probably the one that is changing the world of digital education the most. From the automation of data analysis to the creation of learning experiences based on people's preferences and needs, artificial intelligence applied to eLearning makes it possible to ensure that training is always relevant and up-to-date.

Collaborative learning

Collaborative learning is the form of learning that enhances and rewards collaborative activities.

The constant innovations affecting gamification and immersive teaching methods are strongly influencing digital learning and orienting it towards increasingly interactive and collaborative forms.

The next edition of Learning Technologies is scheduled for 10-11 February 2021 at the ExCel conference centre in London. Find out more about the event by visiting the official Learning Technologies website.

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