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Free e-Learning course for distance education in Neonatology

Unitelma delivers a free e-Learning training course to doctors and nurses to improve the knowledge and reduce neonatal mortality.

A wonderful e-Learning initiative of the Sapienza University of Rome (Unitelma).

Every year in the world about 6 million children do not reach the fifth year of life and 45% of these deaths occur in the neonatal period, i.e. in the first 28 days of life. In particular, in the countries of Central Africa the neonatal mortality is about 40-50 times higher than in present Italian reality and many diseases that are currently lethal in those countries could be adequately prevented and treated with simply and easily implemented interventions.

In the effort of improving the training of doctors and nurses for the reduction of neonatal mortality, Unitelma has decided to deliver on its e-Learning platform a free course on Neonatology distance training for countries with limited financial resources.

The course is in English and consists of 16 video lessons that can be accessed via the Internet whenever and wherever you want. The course offers simple diagnostic and therapeutic protocols that can be easily applied even in countries with limited economic resources.
The teachers involved in the course are all neonatologists who work in qualified Italian hospitals and have had international experience in developing countries.

For those who want to use the course for free, just go to this page.

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