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10 signals that show you that your employees are dissatisfied - Infographic

Are your employees happy and motivated in your company?

Job satisfaction makes employees more motivated and, in general, "better". Happy employees are 12% more productive, worry spontaneously and genuinely about their business and are not afraid of engaging in extra efforts to achieve company goals. Some data? Companies with motivated employees invoice more than 26% more than those with unsatisfied employees.

On the other hand, unhappy employees are 10% less productive and 11 times more likely to leave the company a year after being hired.

The solution to this problem depends on the causes of dissatisfaction and varies from case to case. In general, training can reinvigorate employee motivation: keep employees up-to-date and create an experience of greater control and competence over their business, grow them professionally and create more engagement with their role, business objectives and path that the company has drawn for them in the future.

The prevention of economic loss due to the dissatisfaction and disengagement of employees requires to be vigilant from the beginning. The signs are quite easy to observe: let's see 10 in this infographic.

  1. Increased delays in entry to work
  2. Increase in sick leave
  3. Escape from the office to the exact 8 hour interval (one thousandth of a second)
  4. Decline in productivity
  5. Disinterest towards the other (colleagues, clients ...)
  6. Lack of willingness to socialize with colleagues
  7. Less attention to company rules
  8. Lack of collaboration with colleagues
  9. Sense of tiredness
  10. Lack of willingness to grow professionally in the company

Article taken from eLearninginfographics

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