Year 4 - number 95 Wednesday 15 january 2020

Why eLearning is the future of corporate training

Many companies, internationally, are relying on eLearning for corporate training.

A 2017 Small Business Trends article, in fact, already prophesied that 98% of companies planned to use this type of online training courses by 2020. Regardless of the percentages, it is certain that eLearning is becoming an indispensable tool for businesses.

Traditional corporate training does not always adapt to the times and needs of workers and businesses. What are the added values that eLearning offers to company training? First of all, workers can access the eLearning platform and course at any time of the day, even during work breaks, with the possibility of practicing through quizzes or reviewing content.

This constant, flexible and rapid access to content also gives the opportunity to adapt to the study methods of each worker and, consequently, to allow better storage and use of the information acquired. Furthermore, everything is always at hand because online courses are available not only on the computer but also on the smartphone and tablet, making training more usable and engaging, also thanks to strategies such as gamification

These are just some of the advantages for companies all over the world. Creating ad hoc online courses means following a natural trend that not only offers benefits to the company, but also to workers. Still not convinced of the benefits of eLearning for businesses? Here are other clues that show that online courses will be the future of business education:

Article taken from eLearningIndustry