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3 strategies to reduce student dropout rates

Online courses are becoming more and more successful. However, the number of students leaving the training course due to lack of motivation also increases. What are the most suitable strategies to avoid this phenomenon?

The eLearning sector is expanding as well as the number of students enrolling in online courses. Despite this, the companies that are dedicated to this sector must also deal with an increase in the abandonment rate of the participants. This means that they must put in place new strategies to "retain" the students and push them to continue and finish the training.

This phenomenon has not only to do with the quality of the course and its contents, but also with the motivation of the students themselves. For this reason, we offer three tips to prevent students from abandoning the course.

1. Help build a network of contacts

Among the objectives of students enrolling in a course we do not find only that of increasing their own educational background. Many, especially those who have already joined the world of work, are looking for new contacts both for a future workplace and for new collaborations. One of the most effective tools to help create a network of contacts is undoubtedly the use of a common forum for all students. Here you can exchange information not only on the course content itself, but also on the world of work. In addition, it will be possible to discover other students' projects and receive feedback on their own. Discussions in a forum not only increase the possibilities of collaboration, but also increase the active participation of students who, in this way, will not feel the need to leave the course and will feel they have more professional opportunities in real life.

2. Give feedback as soon as possible

One of the main causes of the decrease in student motivation is the feeling of not knowing exactly how their learning path is going. For this reason, it can be very useful, from the first lessons, to do small tests, give feedback and assessments by teachers or tutors. In this way, the students will feel more involved, they will know how their learning path is developing and they will be aware of the areas where they need to improve.

3. Support students

The risk of online courses is that students feel "abandoned" to themselves. For this reason, it is necessary to provide online or telephone assistance that can always be available for the students if they have any doubts about the course. In addition, in this sense, the support of course professors are also essential, who should reserve a fixed part of their time to answer the students' questions in such a way as to reduce the possible frustration that may arise during the online course.

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