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4 things you need to do to maximize the engagement of your international learners

Giulio Regosa
 Giulio Regosa
 Best Practices
30/05/2018 : Delivering native language training can greatly increase your learners’ engagement and provide better educational results.
4 things you need to do to maximize the engagement of your international learners

Today online course learners can be located anywhere in the world and access international training content. Deploying your eLearning system and educational content only in English can put some of your students in trouble if English is not their mother language. So, in order to serve these non-native speakers, content providers are working on the linguistic localization of their courses.

Here are 4 basic things you need to do if you want to reach a global audience with your eLearning system and maximize their educational engagement.

Level the playing field

If it is already difficult to learn something new, it is much more difficult to do it in a foreign language. It is therefore necessary to "level the playing field" to guarantee all students the same chances of success. Translating eLearning content into other languages can help you maximize the chances that every student completing your eLearning course will use the acquired knowledge to change their behaviour.

Customize the content geographically

Analysing available data on the behaviour of your learners around the world can provide you with important information to maximize their involvement. For example, if you believe that learners in the United States prefer videos of up to 2 minutes, but students in India prefer longer videos, you can adapt the length of the video to the country of each student. Monitor the behaviours and preferences of your learners and use this knowledge to localise your content.

Create a sense of value and inclusion

The most important eLearning content providers are reformulating the learning experience by making learners actively seek the information they need. It is about proactive learning. Be careful, however, that if the content of the training is irrelevant, or -even worse- socio-culturally offensive, the student will not be motivated to continue. It is therefore important to be aware of the characteristics and cultural nuances of the participants of your international course and to consider them when developing an eLearning course.

Comply with national regulations

When disseminating eLearning content for international learners, you should always check if you need to localize and translate your content into the language of the state where you are delivering, to be legally compliant. To ensure you do not break this rule, always check the requirements of the states in which your learners are based.

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