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Gamification and remote work: how do they interact?

Making remote work fun, a challenge for eLearning.

The word gamification means playfulness and refers to the use of certain game elements in learning. You can apply gamification to school and corporate training again through eLearning. How can you use game elements when working from home? Here are some ideas for making remote work fun.

2 models of gamification for remote work

According to an article published in Forbes magazine, there are two modes of gamification that we are used to:

  • Finite Gamification, a competition or challenge that ends with a prize being awarded. A typical example of this is the sales prize, awarded to those who manage to sell a company product or service by a certain date.
  • Infinite Gamification, an ongoing employee engagement process that doesn't rely on a one-time prize, but on the continuous feedback that comes from the game itself. An example of this type of gamification is the employee of the month award. You can win it more than once, which boosts productivity and engagement.

With employees working remotely, it might be helpful to rely on endless gamification to keep other productivity and constant improvement. A constant challenge, could be to see points awarded, when you help a remote co-worker with platform usage issues, help new hires who have operational questions, etc.

Gamification and social interactions for home workers

Socialization among employees is one of the factors that improve team spirit, collaboration and help achieve business goals. One way to apply gamification to remote work is to promote employee socialization by inviting them to tell their own story.

For example, if the company uses an LMS to train employees, it could assign each person to tell their story in the form of a podcast or short video. The interests, passions, and information employees share can also form the subject of end-of-course online quizzes on the company team's story.

Get to know new employees with gamification

With the help of an authoring tool, i.e. an eLearning course creation program, quizzes can be created to help personalize the company's welcome course. New hires, can test their initial skills and define their strengths and weaknesses with more peace of mind, if the quiz is presented in the form of a game. Those who complete the quiz can be assigned a totem character that describes their skills and personality and find within the remote office, other colleagues with the same characteristics. The challenge could be to develop the full potential of your totem character by taking specific online courses that cover the training needs identified in the quiz. 

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