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Tips for keeping students' attention high

What are the best strategies for engaging students? Here are some tips to prevent trainees from getting easily distracted during online training.

One of the differences between online courses and traditional training is, without a doubt, non-verbal feedback: the possibility or impossibility of immediately realizing the reactions of the students. It is not easy to know the level of attention during online lessons through eLearning platforms. In addition to not having direct contact with the teacher, the concentration in front of the screen is drastically reduced in a short time. Even if each student is a world of his own, some strategies can be put in place to prevent students from being easily distracted. Here are some tips:

1. Avoid distractions

Despite the use of images, infographics, gif or other interactive elements is highly recommended, you should not make the mistake of using them in excess. In fact, a page full of inputs can easily cause students to lose concentration. The challenge, therefore, is to find a balance between the various elements of the page.

2. Use the summaries

It is possible to “put the students' thoughts in order by inserting a small summary that summarizes the topics of the course or of the individual lessons. You can also use a short bulleted list, an infographic or any element that is able to give an easily recognizable and memorable structure. To give a general idea of ​​the course, it can also be of great help to create a map of the course, always accessible from the main menu

3. Offer "multi-sensory" experiences

By diversifying the type of content and offering "more practical" experiences, students' attention can be maintained longer. For this reason, we have often talked about gamification in recent years. The use of tests, videogames and simulations helps students not only to feel more involved, but also to extend attention times.

4. Continue in small steps

To keep the attention high it is necessary for the students to feel gratified often by the objectives included in their path. For this reason, both for a matter of attention and usability of the course, it is preferable to divide the training path into several lessons and multiple objectives. This structure will allow you to learn more easily, but also to feel less of the "weight" of the study.

5. Use humor and inspiring stories

In order not to drop attention, it can be useful to avoid using only a formal tone within the content. Often, in fact, a little humor or even the use of interesting stories related to the topics of the course (for example personal anecdotes of the tutors) can make the path more natural and less forced.

6. Give importance to interaction

In order to involve students and prevent them from feeling alone in their training path, the platform must allow interaction with the various elements of the page (without exaggerating!), With tutors and other students, thanks to social networks and forum.

Article taken from ElearningIndustry

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