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The trends of microlearning - Infographics

Do you know what's trending in microlearning?

Here is a rundown of trends related to microlearning to be included in your online training:

1. Microlearning + Mobile Learning

By integrating micro- and mobile learning it is possible to provide students with "quick" learning solutions that can be accessed on multiple devices.

2. Microlearning + Gamification 

You can turn on the involvement and competition of students thanks to the use of playful elements in the microlearning modules (both in the course and in the tests).

3. Microlearning + Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in microlearning can be used to create personalized learning paths for students. How? Can automatically suggest microlearning modules based on student preferences.

4. Microlearning + Social learning 

Microlearning can help employees learn from their colleagues and interact with experts. After using a microlearning module, invite learners to a discussion in the forums.

5. Microlearning + Learning Analytics 

Usage data and learning statistics can be used to keep track of how often microlearning modules are accessed, completion rates and much more.

6. Microlearning + AR + VR 

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in microlearning improve the learning experience. AR enhances the real-world experience with the addition of digital elements, while virtual reality offers an immersive and completely new learning experience.

What's trending in microlearning?

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