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How e-Learning is transforming talent development

The key to success (individual or corporate) is the appetite for change. The focus on skill gaps is growing in relation to a rigid labour market and the need to retain talent.

Today's business leaders should become talent developers. It is increasingly important for managers to understand the importance of building relationships of trust with workers. The best way to do this is to offer online training courses that can help employees prepare for continuous changes in the work environment.

To cover the role of talent developers, leaders must focus on several specific areas, including:

1. Automation

The automation of "generic" skills (soft skills) is rapidly growing. For this reason, talent developers must make this their main goal. With online training, employees becomes more skilled in problem solving, communication, adaptability and leadership. This will empower the workers, who will therefore feel more motivated at work, and support the growth of the business.

2. Hard Skills

Although talent developers spend more time automating soft skills, specific skills (hard skills) should not be ignored. For this reason, it is essential that the leaders identify the specific skills required for their company and their industry, selecting the appropriate online training courses.

3. Training at work

E-Learning not only allows employees to improve on the jobs they currently do, but prepares them for future opportunities within the company. For the employer, this is tantamount to managing incredible skills instead of losing employees for better jobs.
Turning your team of managers into qualified talent developers is one of the best decisions you can make for your employees and your business.

4. The role of talent developers

It is necessary to set different goals for talent developers in your company. They need to create and develop a strategic learning program that motivates employees and helps the company grow. They should use e-Learning as a way of recruiting incredibly skilled new hires and at the same time retaining the talents already employed. Talent developers should also identify industry trends, allowing them to stay one step ahead of competition.

5. Online training

The great thing about e-Learning is that it is an excellent tool for talent developers. Both business executives and workers can benefit from the abundance of available courses. It all comes down to selecting the right courses.

Consider e-Learning as a consistent offer for every level of your business. In addition to making employees motivated and qualified, your management team can use e-Learning to stay focused and results-oriented.

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