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eLearning and environmental sustainability

The 2030 Agenda has set clear objectives to be achieved in terms of sustainability. What part can eLearning play in this? 

We have seen that one of the advantages of eLearning is its power to reduce the carbon footprint, especially in the field of corporate training.

Today, the issue of corporate sustainability is increasingly central. Sustainability is "the fulfilment of quality of life while staying within the carrying capacity of the ecosystems that sustain us". 

In 2015, the 17 goals based on the 4 pillars (economy, society, environment, institutions) of the 2030 Agenda were set. Businesses have impacts throughout the context in which they operate: they directly affect workers, the environment and the population through their activities, products, services, business relationships and supply chains. 

Companies need to show and communicate (through the sustainability report) their: 

  • Economic sustainability: ability to generate income, profits and jobs
  • Environmental sustainability: ability to respect human and labour rights and to ensure a fair distribution of wealth and opportunities 
  • Social sustainability: ability to maintain quality and reproducibility of natural resources, reduce consumption 

eLearning and corporate sustainability

In the context of corporate sustainability, eLearning is an important resource for minimising waste and consumption, in a green and environmental perspective. Online training makes it possible to reduce 

  • energy consumption: electricity, gas 
  • CO2 emissions: due to travel to classrooms
  • the use of paper documents and consequently paper

In addition, online learning is more effective and convenient than classroom training. Through eLearning it is possible to train a large number of people at an affordable cost and meet the lifelong learning needs, upskilling and reskilling of employees. 

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