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15 July 2020: The world of smart working: legislation

What is smart working? How is it regulated in Italy, in Europe? And what are the novelties brought by the massive adoption in recent months?

8 April 2020: Smart work and school at the time of the coronavirus: is Italy really ready?

Despite the digital divide, "narrow" bandwidth and obsolete hardware, the health emergency linked to the spread of the coronavirus is pushing Italians to take great steps towards digitization.

8 April 2020: What is compliance training?

Compliance training is fundamental within every company. Making regulations usable is a challenge for eLearning that must design courses that are both a quality product and engaging.

26 February 2020: Can eLearning contribute to corporate cyber security?

How can eLearning improve the company's IT security?

13 November 2019: Computer security for e-learning

Today, companies that offer courses in e-learning mode must ensure that no third party can get hold of user data, which could endanger computer security and privacy.

11 September 2019: Cyber Security vs. Cybercrime - Infographic

What data are stored by your IT devices and how to defend them?

23 May 2018: Now it’s the time to activate your GDPR training plan

Are you worried about the GDPR and its imminent entry into force on 25 May?

23 May 2018: eLearning and GDPR

What are the implications of GDPR on eLearning?

25 April 2018: Technologies for eLearning training and 4.0 training in favour of Italian industry

Super amortization and tax credit are two of the tools envisaged in the Italian Industry 4.0 plan which allow companies to adopt tools and resources for eLearning training.

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