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In Italian SMEs, elderly and poorly trained workers

26 July 2023
The majority of Italian SMEs do little training, not very targeted and only if it is compulsory. This is what emerges from the latest INAPP survey

How the Metaverse will change the world of e-learning

26 April 2023
What is the Metaverse and its plus for e-learning? The future of digital education comes through a parallel universe, combining real and virtual worlds in a unique experiential environment

eLearning and Covid-19: Conclusions on CME

22 February 2023
Benefits and challenges of eLearning in medicine during the Covid-19 pandemic.

L&D: key lessons from 2022 to look forward to 2023

1 February 2023
The article presents an analysis of what worked and what did not work in the L&D sector, and reports lessons learnt from 2022 to focus on in 2023. 

The benefits of e-learning for the environment: why online training is green

21 September 2022
Reducing pollution, combating deforestation and saving energy are some of the environmental benefits of e-learning. 

Students with DSA: more enrollment in Online Universities

21 September 2022
Telematic universities increasingly popular among students with disabilities and with DSA, and among those who choose them, 60 percent more make it to graduation. 

The most valued features of LMSs in 2022

14 September 2022
An eLearning Industry survey of more than 1,000 LMS users reveals which Learning Management System features most meet their needs and desires

Cyber attacks: what impact on workers' health and safety?

20 July 2022
The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work looks at cyber security in relation to the impact on workers when assessing cyber risks.

Digitalisation: Italy's delays and the European situation

20 July 2022
Before 2020, 37% of European companies had not yet adopted any advanced digital technology. What is the situation after the pandemic?

Assessing stress in online learners

6 July 2022
Stress is part of learning, but it must be managed so that it does not become a problem and affect the success of the training itself.

Eurobarometer: European citizens and the digital world

26 January 2022
The relationship between European citizens and the digital world reported by the Eurobarometer survey

Fit for the future: the link between digitization and business performance

26 January 2022
Is your company ready for the digital challenges of the future? Vodafone Business survey rewards companies that are flexible and open to the web

Barriers to employee skills training

10 November 2021
Cornerstone survey suggests integrating training and skills development into workflow

Great resignations: how to face them with the e-learning

27 October 2021
The phenomenon of "great resignation" explained in numbers by the Harvard Business Review. What can be the role of eLearning?

USA: Training Market Report 2020

27 October 2021
How has Covid-19 affected the U.S. corporate training market? Data on 2020 training budgets and trends.

Training and work: the HR challenges

13 October 2021
Work and training, what are the factors of development and challenge? 

The state of training in the Italian Public Administration

22 September 2021
In 10 years, spending on training in the Public Administration has been halved. The numbers of the INAPP 2021 survey and future scenarios.

Corporate cybersecurity: the data on attacks

8 September 2021
One in every 10 incidents analyzed has a high severity level

Digital skills: the skill mismatch has gone digital

28 July 2021
A real alert on the digital gap front that can slow down the restart of companies in the post-covid period

Upskilling, Reskilling and eLearning in times of pandemic

2 June 2021
Pandemic crisis will be a unique opportunity to outline a concrete path towards the development of new skills.

AI: Italian market worth 300 million, growing

3 March 2021
Artificial Intelligence market in Italy is worth €300m, +15%.

Italian SMEs: 86% will invest in digital innovation

3 March 2021
SME interest in digital is growing, but only 14% of companies have a long-term strategic approach.

Europe: investment in digital

24 February 2021
European Investment Bank's annual report shows slowdown in digital investment by EU firms.  

Digital education (2021-2027): changing eLearning in the EU

24 February 2021
The European Union's vision of how to strengthen cooperation to bring effectiveness, inclusion and engagement to digital education.

The LMS market (2020-2027) - Infographic

27 January 2021
How much will the online education market grow over the next 7 years?

Covid-19: the numbers of smart working in 2020

23 December 2020
In Italy alone, agile workers will increase tenfold: over 5 million when fully operational. 

Training online at the time of covid - Infographic

16 December 2020
A survey by Cambridge University investigates how training was experienced remotely in 2020.

eLearning and training: a permanent or temporary combination?

2 December 2020
In 2020 many high profile leadership programmes moved online. Is this a trend that will continue after the global pandemic?

Ready for eLearning? A global comparison

21 October 2020
A survey of 30 countries shows their potential in digital learning and eLearning

The impact of Covid on eLearning courses in Africa

14 October 2020
eLearning Africa shows some errors in the management of Covid in the education sector, but creative solutions are also coming from the school.

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