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Corporate training management: the DynDevice LMS case

21 February 2024
Managing training within large companies can be a complex challenge. Find out how to best deal with it.

Introducing an eLearning course: what to include to spark interest

14 February 2024
The introduction to an online course represents the first opportunity to capture the attention of the future student: here are the steps to make it captivating.

Employee-focused corporate training: what is it?

14 February 2024
What is training based on anthropocentric design, or Human-centered Design, and how does it respond to the training needs of workers?

Advanced gamification: innovative techniques to gamify eLearning

7 February 2024
Advanced gamification techniques are useful tools for involving and orienting students in eLearning and improving performance. Let's find out how to implement them.

The costs of failing cybersecurity for companies

7 February 2024
Let's find out what the impacts and costs of a lack of corporate cyber security are and how to mitigate cyber risks in companies.

All the eLearning words: the terms you need to know

31 January 2024
A vocabulary with terms related to the world of eLearning: here's how to use the right words in an online course.

How to conduct a bottom-up training needs analysis?

31 January 2024
Training needs analysis is a key practice for companies aiming to align training with strategic objectives. Let's find out how to put it into practice.

Whistleblowing: complete guide to your business compliance

24 January 2024
Let's find out what the Italian legislation on whistleblowing provides and what you need to do so that your company complies with the new obligations.

HyFlex Learning, what is it and what are the advantages?

17 January 2024
Discover how to combine the hybrid and flexible characteristics of training, providing an advantageous and useful learning model for every type of student.

The Importance of Progressive Disclosure in Web Design

13 December 2023
From Simple to Complex: Progressive Disclosure Strategies for Enhancing the Usability of Web Platforms.

Workplace competitiveness: how to manage it

13 December 2023
Workplace competitiveness can be positive for personal growth, but it can create a toxic environment. Let's explore how to manage it effectively.

Localization of content: adapting courses to diverse cultures

13 December 2023
When creating a course, it is essential to consider the cultural diversity of the target audience. This is where content localization comes into play.

Employee evaluation systems: the qualitative approach

6 December 2023
Let's explore how to effectively and objectively manage the evaluation processes of company collaborators: from choosing the model to its implementation.

Presentation of an eLearning course: words to avoid

6 December 2023
Discover how to effectively use words when presenting an eLearning course designed for adults.

The importance of digital skills in employee evaluation

29 November 2023
In a digitized world, assessing and encouraging digital skills is one of the secrets to enhancing the competitiveness of both individuals and companies.

Using Real-Time Training for Employee Evaluation

22 November 2023
Let's explore how real-time training enhances the effectiveness of employee evaluation.

The social impact of eLearning: inclusive training for all

15 November 2023
In this article we explore how eLearning is making education more inclusive and accessible for all.

Skills management software: what are they and what are they for?

8 November 2023
What are skills management software and how can they be useful for companies? Let's find out in this article.

The limits of informal learning in companies

1 November 2023
Informal learning is a way of training that is becoming increasingly popular in companies. Let's find out the limitations and problems with this strategy.

Using collaborative learning for employee evaluation

1 November 2023
Evaluating employees is the key to understanding their potential and fostering their professional growth. How can this be improved through collaborative learning?

Safety leadership: what it is and how to promote it in companies

25 October 2023
How to stimulate people to acquire a way of working that puts safety at the centre of their choices? The answer lies in safety leadership

How to create an eLearning course that respects the principles of pedagogy

25 October 2023
Careful didactic design makes it possible to order content and maximise its effectiveness. But how to apply the principles of pedagogy to the creation of a course?

Creating a work environment that supports employees' mental health

25 October 2023
The mental well-being of employees is not only an ethical responsibility, but a strategic imperative for companies. Let's take a look at why, what methods are used and the benefits

The importance of a safety culture in the company

18 October 2023
What is meant by safety culture and what are the steps to make it an integral part of the company organizational culture?

How to use peer review for employee evaluation

18 October 2023
Correct personnel evaluation guarantees meritocracy, development and equal opportunities within companies. How can we improve these processes with peer review?

Use eLearning to hire new staff

11 October 2023
eLearning has revolutionized the hiring process, providing a versatile, cost-effective and scalable means of developing a skilled workforce. In this article we see how

Teaching in eLearning courses: managing activities and exercises

11 October 2023
Activities and exercises thanks to eLearning can offer students the way to evaluate their preparation and teachers the quality of the courses designed

Skills mapping: what is it and why do you need it?

27 September 2023
What is skills mapping and how can it significantly increase the profitability of the working environment? Let's find out in this article

How to use problem-solving activities for employee evaluation

20 September 2023
Employee training is essential for company competitiveness. Using eLearning to test the level of problem-solving is a valid practice for evaluating the level of staff training

eLearning courses: how to create a brand

20 September 2023
Let's find out what branding is and how to create a brand for an eLearning course to make it engaging and distinguish it from others

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