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Burnout: what it is, how it manifests and how to prevent it

24 May 2023
Burnout is a disorder now common in educational and work environments. Let's find out what it is, what triggers it, symptoms, and strategies used to prevent it

Interactivity, how to use it in e-learning courses

24 May 2023
Interactivity is crucial for online courses because it allows students to become an active part. Here, a few tips for using it into e-learning training

Enhancing occupational safety training through simulations

24 May 2023
Effective occupational safety training pushes the user to take an active approach to problems. The use of simulations in training can be a very useful tool

Occupational safety and high turnover: how eLearning can help

17 May 2023
High turnover requires companies to make an ongoing effort to preserve skills, particularly those related to workplace safety. eLearning can be a valuable aid

How to prevent digital distractions

10 May 2023
The strategies to put in place to build and follow an e-learning course while leaving out all the distractions coming from digital media

7 tips for creating effective and inexpensive eLearning courses

3 May 2023
Not sure how to calculate the expenses of an eLearning project? Is your budget limited? In this article we explore 7 tips for developing effective and inexpensive eLearning courses.

How to use digital badges for employee evaluation

26 April 2023
Open Badges are digital certifications to attest to employees' skills and knowledge. Their use can be beneficial for skill enhancement.

The importance of pauses whilst learning

26 April 2023
We often see pauses as non-productive moments. New studies show that pauses are critical to the learning process.

Why should your LMS be LTI compliant?

19 April 2023
The LTI standard provides a simple and secure path for integrating third-party resources, apps and tools into your company's LMS. Let's find out how.

9 reasons to use technology in corporate training

5 April 2023
Interactivity, lower environmental impact, greater involvement: let's find out what are the advantages of using technology in the context of corporate training.

Digital marketing specialist for e-learning

5 April 2023
The role of the digital marketing specialist is of paramount importance for e-learning promotion

Advantages of using YouTube for online training

29 March 2023
YouTube is the largest video sharing platform, and since the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, it is an interesting tool for elearning

The importance of feedback in e-learning

29 March 2023
Feedback as an opportunity for improvement. Here's why in e-learning it is crucial for both users and creators.

Using data to improve occupational safety training

29 March 2023
How can eLearning and data analysis be used to analyse the effects of training on the frequency and severity of occupational accidents?

Managing human capital in the new world of work

22 March 2023
Companies and workers are challlenged by a rapidly changing world of work. Let's find out how they are reacting according to the "2023 Human Capital Trends" report.

Digital creativity: what it is and how to develop it

1 March 2023
Creativity is fundamental in the workplace and, with the advent of digital, this skill has also changed its form. Here is what is meant by digital creativity and what are its tools

Augmented reality applied to eLearning AR online education

22 February 2023
What is augmented reality and how can it be used for online training

Customer training: what it is and why it is important

15 February 2023
Customer training is becoming increasingly important for companies. Let's try to understand what it is and why it is so popular.

5 reasons to implement eLearning in your company

15 February 2023
Why should your company use eLearning for employee training? Find out in this infographic.

Laughing makes learning better

8 February 2023
Education is becoming less and less 'serious' by trying to integrate play and humour. In this article we understand why.

CME Training and Microlearning

1 February 2023
Let's find out how microlearning can be applied to continuing medical education (CME).

Why eLearning in the company: advantages and opportunities

25 January 2023
Why choose eLearning for in-company training instead of relying on traditional didactics and classroom lectures?

Virtual Learning Environment: what it is and how to make it effective

18 January 2023
The importance of creating an effective VLE in e-learning training. All the characteristics of the virtual learning environment.

Tools for training cultural professionals

21 December 2022
Heritage education constitutes a heritage in itself to be known, protected and enhanced. Let's discover the contribution of eLearning to the education of teachers, citizens and students.

How to decide the price of an online course?

21 December 2022
We explore the results of a report that studied the prices of more than 132,000 online courses.

How to transform traditional training into interactive eLearning

14 December 2022
Here are all the steps you need to implement to transform traditional teaching content into effective materials for engaging e-learning

Tools for E-learning aimed at disabled, frail and vulnerable people

14 December 2022
With a view to ensuring equal access to education and training pathways, eLearning practices should be a priority.

Modern Learners: who they are and how they are formed

14 December 2022
The peculiarities of modern learners force us to rethink how courses are delivered and designed. How to design courses that are Modern Learner-proof?

The perfect setup for live streaming lessons

7 December 2022
How best to approach, and with the right equipment, your next live streaming lesson

How to recognize a secure eLearning app

7 December 2022
How do eLearning app developers defend our security? Let's learn how to spot the signs that an app is secure.

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