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Laughing makes learning better

8 February 2023
Education is becoming less and less 'serious' by trying to integrate play and humour. In this article we understand why.

CME Training and Microlearning

1 February 2023
Let's find out how microlearning can be applied to continuing medical education (CME).

Why eLearning in the company: advantages and opportunities

25 January 2023
Why choose eLearning for in-company training instead of relying on traditional didactics and classroom lectures?

Virtual Learning Environment: what it is and how to make it effective

18 January 2023
The importance of creating an effective VLE in e-learning training. All the characteristics of the virtual learning environment.

Tools for training cultural professionals

21 December 2022
Heritage education constitutes a heritage in itself to be known, protected and enhanced. Let's discover the contribution of eLearning to the education of teachers, citizens and students.

How to decide the price of an online course?

21 December 2022
We explore the results of a report that studied the prices of more than 132,000 online courses.

How to transform traditional training into interactive eLearning

14 December 2022
Here are all the steps you need to implement to transform traditional teaching content into effective materials for engaging e-learning

Tools for E-learning aimed at disabled, frail and vulnerable people

14 December 2022
With a view to ensuring equal access to education and training pathways, eLearning practices should be a priority.

Modern Learners: who they are and how they are formed

14 December 2022
The peculiarities of modern learners force us to rethink how courses are delivered and designed. How to design courses that are Modern Learner-proof?

The perfect setup for live streaming lessons

7 December 2022
How best to approach, and with the right equipment, your next live streaming lesson

How to recognize a secure eLearning app

7 December 2022
How do eLearning app developers defend our security? Let's learn how to spot the signs that an app is secure.

eLearning and ESG: the whys of a symbiosis

30 November 2022
How does eLearning help companies achieve their environmental, social and governance sustainability goals?

How to edit the audio of your eLearning courses

23 November 2022
One of the main components that should not be underestimated when working on a new eLearning course is the audio stream. 

Microlearning at school: getting the most out of the classroom and Dad

23 November 2022
The pandemic of Covid-19 imposes, in the Italian education landscape, a digital reflection that is concrete and aimed at the learner's benefit. Microlearning is a viable and current solution. 

The differences between gamification and game-based training

23 November 2022
Applying game elements to corporate training increases user engagement. But when to use gamification and when to use game-based learning?

8 reasons why adopting an LMS in the enterprise fails

16 November 2022
How can you prevent the implementation of an eLearning platform in your company from turning into a failure? Discover the most common pitfalls to avoid

Digital divide, strategies to reduce it in Italy

16 November 2022
Here are strategies to reduce the distance between those who have access to and are able to use new technologies and those who, on the contrary, are at a disadvantage.

eLearning and KPIs: metrics for measuring the effectiveness of a course

16 November 2022
Measuring performance is the way to manage it. Corporate training is no exception. Defining the correct KPIs for training is the first step in managing them.  

How to use voice-overs in online courses

9 November 2022
Voiceovers within online courses make it easier to remember information. But why are they useful for eLearning and how to use them in the right way?

How to take care of the audio of your eLearning courses

9 November 2022
When creating an online course, there is a tendency to take great care of the graphics and underestimate the audio component. Find out how to record quality audio streams.

Designing an e-learning course: mistakes not to make

2 November 2022
The effectiveness of an online course depends on multiple factors. Here are all the mistakes to avoid when designing an e-learning course

Engagement of eLearning courses: 4 components not to be underestimated

26 October 2022
Let's discover the four elements that, according to Forrester research, help increase the engagement and interaction rate of eLearning courses

Informal learning: what is it and how is it put into practice?

26 October 2022
The popularity of social makes the importance of informal learning increasingly apparent. But what exactly is it and how is it put into practice?

Augmented reality applied to e-learning

19 October 2022
What is augmented reality and how can it be used for online training? Here are all the benefits.

The use of role-playing games in corporate training

19 October 2022
Why is role-play training beneficial for companies and what are the best practices to make it even more effective?

How to shoot an interview for an elearning course

12 October 2022
Interviewing a subject matter expert makes it possible to transfer the right know-how to learners of an online course. But how to shoot a good interview?

How to manage student data

12 October 2022
Data is crucial to improving your offerings, yet managing and protecting it is a responsibility that should not be underestimated.

eLearning: how to improve knowledge retention

12 October 2022
8 ways to help learners memorize information learned in an online course and retain it over time.

How to be a good lecturer in elearning

12 October 2022
Being a good lecturer in eLearning does not always correspond to being a good lecturer in traditional face-to-face training. 

eLearning and Automation: how to optimize time

5 October 2022
How to optimize the development and learning time of an eLearning course?

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