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eLearning: involving all types of students

22 January 2020
There are those who learn best through video or audio. There are those who prefer to learn by exercising. To meet the needs of the students, eLearning must try to satisfy all learning needs

How and when to create effective microlearning videos?

22 January 2020
The main attribute of the micro training contents is to be synthetic. In which cases is it better to create microlearning videos and how to make sure they reach the training objective?

Who is the 'modern' student?

15 January 2020
In order to improve your online course, you need to know the target audience. What are the main characteristics that "modern" students look for in eLearning?

How to motivate your employees to follow online training courses?

18 December 2019
Employee training is a very important element to implement a successful business strategy. In this article we will give you some tips to motivate your employees to take e-learning training courses.

How to promote an online business course through testimonials and reviews from former clients

18 December 2019
Word of mouth is and remains a valid sales technique in every sector. In eLearning it can be activated through testimonials or former students. Here's how to transform former clients into promoters and increase sales of an online course.

The 5 major challenges in using the 70:20:10 model in business education

18 December 2019
Challenges of using the business model 70:20:10.

How, when and why to use learning tests in e-learning

11 December 2019
The learning test cannot be missing in your e-learning course. If you want to find out how, when and why you test your students' learning, read on!

Using an LMS to understand the training needs of students

11 December 2019
We are used to thinking of an LMS, learning management system, as a platform to manage and deliver online courses. If instead it were also a tool to analyze training needs?

Binge learning: what e-learning can learn from Netflix

11 December 2019
"Overeating" on TV series is now a common phenomenon. What happens if e-learning is also transported to this form of consumption? Here are the results obtained from a recent study on the subject.

E-learning: the advantages for companies in any sector

4 December 2019
What are the 3 advantages that companies can obtain from the adoption of e-learning for the training of employees, regardless of the sector they belong to (from the commercial to the non-profit, to the pharmaceutical and health sector)?

What is the difference between a webinar and a virtual class?

4 December 2019
The terminology in e-learning is fundamental. Let's clarify some of the most used terms in the online course glossary starting with the webinar and virtual classroom.

eLearning: tips from the world of marketing

4 December 2019
What can eLearning professionals learn from marketing? The basic rules can be useful to improve the visibility and quality of your online course.

Does your online course need a menu?

27 November 2019
The menu can help students navigate within the contents in an easy and intuitive way. Is it always necessary to use this element? What are the cases in which it is preferable to insert a menu in an online course?

How to convert classroom training to e-learning

20 November 2019
Converting classroom courses to the e-learning format can allow you to revolutionize the training offer for your company's staff. Let's see how to implement this transition.

Is the title of your online course effective?

20 November 2019
Do you think that writing the title of your course is a mere formality? Mistake! The title is decisive when it comes to attracting potential students. How to make it more appealing?

Computer security for e-learning

13 November 2019
Today, companies that offer courses in e-learning mode must ensure that no third party can get hold of user data, which could endanger computer security and privacy.

5 techniques to become an online training specialist

6 November 2019
Would you like to become an online training specialist? We present 5 techniques that will help you improve your communication skills and engage your students in e-learning training.

Storytelling and scenario-based learning, some concrete examples

6 November 2019
Creating a realistic scenario and telling a story that learners can use in the workplace is a great way to maximize the involvement and effectiveness of an online course. Here are some concrete examples.

Establishing learning objectives in the outsourcing of personalized e-learning

30 October 2019
Whether it is standard solutions or personalized e-learning, if you do not establish adequate learning objectives it is like putting students on a boat without a rudder.

When to use eLearning in your company?

30 October 2019
When is it preferable to take advantage of the possibilities eLearning has to offer? From smartworking training to entry-levels, here are the contexts in which an online course is a step ahead.

Strategies to promote a new corporate culture with eLearning

23 October 2019
What strategies can be adopted to help change behavior in the company through online courses? Events, challenges and social learning are the key words.

The answer to automation in the world of work? Training

23 October 2019
The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that around 20% of current jobs could be automated in the coming years.

How to implement an e-learning project saving time money

23 October 2019
What to do to implement e-learning training saving time and money? How does the use of external suppliers represent an economic solution for companies?

10 advantages of eLearning training

23 October 2019
Are you not 100% sure that you want to enroll in an online course? These ten motivations can be an excellent starting point for deciding to start an eLearning course.

Errors in training strategies: pedagogy vs. andragogy

16 October 2019
Differences between training strategies for children and adults.

Customize the e-learning experience through empathy

16 October 2019
The e-learning that is based on empathy is able to enter into direct connection with the user, with his mindset, with the work environment in which he works and with the problems he faces, by involving him adequately to offer him a solution.

How to help the students complete the course?

9 October 2019
3 ways to support trainees in achieving their educational goals.

What are corporate academies?

9 October 2019
How are they structured and why have one?

Onboarding programs: trend statistics 2019 vs. 2018 - Infographic

2 October 2019
Companies with defined onboarding programs record significantly better loyalty, productivity levels and employee satisfaction.

Storytelling and microlearning, can they coexist in an online course?

2 October 2019
How can a long story and short content be integrated? The eLearning answer.

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