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17 July 2019: What is Digital Learning?

Is there a difference between Digital Learning and e-Learning?

10 July 2019: What is Reverse Mentoring?

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, we cannot fail to mention Reskilling and Reverse Mentoring.

3 July 2019: The process of reviewing the e-Learning contents in 4 steps

Using an e-learning content review service can help you create quality. However, the review process may be complicated, elaborate and boring unless you follow the following 4 best practices.

3 July 2019: How to switch from a classroom course to an online course

What is the best way to move from traditional education to eLearning without slowing down the business training process?

3 July 2019: Reskilling and upskilling: the watchwords of the future in the HR sector

The average global investment in skills upgrading is $ 1,000 per person. The highest investments have occurred in the retail sector.

3 July 2019: 3 strategies to reduce student dropout rates

Online courses are becoming more and more successful. However, the number of students leaving the training course due to lack of motivation also increases. What are the most suitable strategies to avoid this phenomenon?

26 June 2019: Benefits of self-learning in e-learning mode

The e-learning courses are based on the use of new technologies that promote self-learning, disengaging from the limits imposed by the physical presence of a teacher, with the advantages deriving from flexibility and cost reduction.

26 June 2019: How to prevent students from going into cognitive overload

The "cognitive overwhelm" is that feeling that students can experience when they cannot continue a training course in a satisfactory manner due to stress and an excessively confusing and information-laden program.

26 June 2019: What types of videos do you include in an online course?

Using videos in e-learning is no longer a choice but a necessity. Animated videos, explanatory videos, live videos ... what kind of video is best suited to your target?

19 June 2019: Training in e-learning mode: waste of time and money?

When it comes to investing in e-learning training, which is essential for training a company, there are still those who say that it would be just a waste of time and money. But is it so?

19 June 2019: 5 tips to make an online course interactive

One of the main challenges in designing an online training course is to be able to keep students' attention high. Adding interactive elements is one of the best strategies to succeed in this endeavor.

19 June 2019: How to write an online course with the right tone of voice?

How to avoid months of work for the preparation of an online course go up in smoke because the wrong tone of voice is chosen? Here are some useful tips.

12 June 2019: The 5 worst eLearning navigation obstacles

An eLearning platform has different ways of use than a simple book. For this, it is necessary to design the course in such a way that students can easily navigate between chapters and online content.

12 June 2019: Learning organization: what does it mean to be a company that learns at the time of eLearning?

The term learning organization coined by various authors, including Peter Senge and David Garvin, reflects the attitude of a company to remain competitive in a constantly evolving world. What is the role of eLearning in all this?

5 June 2019: Reskilling: training at the time of the fourth industrial revolution

Today and, increasingly, in the near future the watchword in the world of work is professional retraining.

5 June 2019: Bringing digital natives to baby boomers thanks to e-learning

Can online training unite different generations of workers and how?

5 June 2019: eLearning courses: how to give effective feedback

What is the best way to give feedback to a student after a test? It is an important question as the student's assessment is a great teaching opportunity and an opportunity to stimulate learning.

29 May 2019: How important is text in eLearning?

Reading from a screen creates some difficulties. Yet, in an online course, textual content is essential to improve understanding and increase students' knowledge. How to make this type of content more attractive?

29 May 2019: 6 Ways Knowledge Sharing Tools Enhance Employee Performance

Knowledge management tools have simplified the way information is captured and curated in a company.

22 May 2019: 4 questions to evaluate an online course

At the end of a training course not only the students are evaluated ... but the whole eLearning project. The final moment is essential to summarize the results achieved by the students and the online course.

22 May 2019: How, when and why choose an e-Learning training provider? - Infographic

If you don't have an internal online training team, how do you choose the right provider for you? Here are 9 simple tips to follow.

22 May 2019: How is the storyboard used in eLearning?

To introduce audiovisual elements in eLearning we use a technique borrowed from the world of cartoons. If you have never heard of the storyboard you are missing out on one of the crucial tools for designing an online course.

15 May 2019: How to use affordance in e-learning

The graphic aspect of an eLearning platform, besides making the course more enjoyable, also has a practical value. Through the conscious use of design elements it is possible to make the interface more useful and more intuitive for students.

15 May 2019: Knowledge transfer through e-Learning courses

Do your employees fail to apply the knowledge they have acquired through online learning? Here are 10 questions that will help you understand what kind of e-Learning course is best suited to transfer knowledge effectively to your employees.

8 May 2019: What questions should an SME be asked before designing an online course?

The questions to be asked to a small and medium-sized company are useful to understand what its training needs are. Where to start to prepare a tailor-made online course? Simple: from journalism.

8 May 2019: 4 questions on content curation applied to eLearning - Infographics

Content curation can be one of the fundamental tools to be able to offer trainees a more flexible and engaging training path. What is it? What are the benefits of using this discipline for eLearning?

8 May 2019: Is it convenient to use inbound marketing in eLearning?

Promoting an online course through the creation of free content is the essence of inbound marketing applied to e-learning. Does it really work?

24 April 2019: How can I create eLearning courses faster?

Many make the mistake of immersing themselves enthusiastically in the design of the course, without dwelling on some focal points.

17 April 2019: Disability and special needs: the advantages of e-learning

E-learning allows students with disabilities or special educational needs to access a wide range of educational paths. What are the benefits? And what are the tools that allow us to improve the accessibility of online courses?

10 April 2019: Professional training: 10 false beliefs - Infographics

Professional training is a valuable opportunity for companies and employees. Consequently, the question arises: why are there so many objections to vocational training?

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