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What are MOOCs? - Infographic

24 November 2021
State of the art of Massive Open Online Courses and future predictions

The benefits of gamification in safety training

24 November 2021
Over time, safety training has changed a lot thanks to the use of playful elements that enhance its effectiveness. Find out how.

Gamification vs serious games: what's the difference?

17 November 2021
Similarities and differences between serious games and gamification, or ludicization of online courses.

Universities: the benefits of an LMS for internal training

17 November 2021
How can an LMS platform improve the management and effectiveness of university staff training?

How to get everyone on board with storytelling

17 November 2021
Not everyone is immediately hooked on storytelling. To convince even the most skeptical, here are some tips for how to best write a narrative for e-Learning.

e-Learning: how to build a good relationship with customers

10 November 2021
It's not just about marketing: having a solid relationship with customers is a key element for the e-Learning industry that needs to be cultivated day after day.

Product training: what it is and what it's for

10 November 2021
How to create an online company product training course to inform, educate and conquer.

How to choose the right enterprise training software?

10 November 2021
What is a training management software, what is it for and how to choose the right one for your company?

eLearning for nonprofits

3 November 2021
Nonprofits, like any business, can benefit from eLearning courses in a number of ways.

How to maximize your online learning experience?

3 November 2021
Are you about to start your first online course? Here are some tips for getting the most out of these types of training paths.

LMS: the importance of the notification management system

3 November 2021
An automatic notification system improves the user experience of the platform and simplifies training management. Learn how.

Great resignations: how to face them with the e-learning

27 October 2021
The phenomenon of "great resignation" explained in numbers by the Harvard Business Review. What can be the role of eLearning?

Tips for ADHD-friendly online courses

27 October 2021
What are the elements to pay attention to in order to adapt an online course to the needs of those with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder?

The key components of LMS platform security

20 October 2021
What factors should you consider when choosing an LMS to ensure the security of the data and information it contains?

eLearning and mental health

13 October 2021
What can eLearning do to improve workers' mental health and protect psychological well-being inside and outside the company?

Situated cognition and application to the virtual classroom

13 October 2021
What is situated cognition and how can it be applied to a virtual learning environment?

Accelerated learning: what it is and what benefits it offers

13 October 2021
How does accelerated learning support students' educational success? How to apply this methodology to an online course?

Create an eLearning course with zero budget

6 October 2021
Do you want to make your way in the world of eLearning but have no budget? Here are some tips to get your course off the ground without any upfront investment.

Microlearning for blended learning

6 October 2021
Can microlearning be incorporated into blended learning, and what are the benefits for companies?

Training in Public Administration: the advantages of an LMS

6 October 2021
Public Administration needs more than ever to restart from internal training and an LMS can be the key. Let's find out why

SEO tips for selling online courses

29 September 2021
Did you know that SEO is a great tool for attracting visitors to your site and increasing online course sales? Let's find out how.

Prevent anti-discrimination lawsuits with e-learning in the USA

29 September 2021
How can elearning help in preventing discrimination in companies?

Simulation Technologies: The Benefits

22 September 2021
Simulation-based learning can be a great ally for trainees and companies. What are the main benefits of using these technologies?

Inclusive eLearning goal

15 September 2021
Is your eLearning product accessible to everyone? By now, it is essential to design courses that represent learners and are easily accessible to all.

How to promote your online courses with email marketing?

15 September 2021
Let's find out what email marketing is and how newsletters can increase sales of online courses

How to use social to promote online courses?

8 September 2021
Social media is a powerful marketing tool for the eLearning industry. How can you leverage them to promote and sell online courses?

How to make money with an educational app?

8 September 2021
What options can you put in place to get benefits from an educational app? Here are the main strategies.

Why use technology in corporate training?

1 September 2021
Using technology in corporate training increases course effectiveness and improves employee performance.

How to promote teamwork with eLearning

1 September 2021
As work becomes increasingly remote or mixed formulas, teamwork is increasingly central. Here's how to increase collaboration skills with online training.

B2B eLearning: How to train partners

28 July 2021
How to extend corporate training to partners and resellers and keep company values and profits high.

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