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Distance learning: lesser-known advantages

24 February 2021
The pandemic highlighted some of the benefits of distance learning, especially related to the psychological well-being of students.

Writing 'conversations' for eLearning

17 February 2021
All content, from multimedia to textual, must be written in such a way that it arouses interest and facilitates learning.

How and why to train employees on cyber security?

10 February 2021
How to create effective training programmes that help reduce corporate cyber security breaches?

Ideas for making distance learning work in schools

10 February 2021
Why has distance learning in schools not worked and, more importantly, what are the ways to make it work?

How to convince them to 'invest' in your online course

3 February 2021
Why should they choose your online course? eLearning is on the rise, but that means you have to make room for yourself among the competition: how do you get noticed?

How to create podcasts for online courses

3 February 2021
The ideal eLearning content for multitasking people who don't like to appear. The podcast: how to design it and engage learners.

Formal, non-formal and informal learning

27 January 2021
How are academic training, in-company training and experiences implemented in eLearning?

How to organise an online event

20 January 2021
To organise successful virtual events (and only virtual ones, for now) a few tricks are needed.

Gamification: benefits at company level

20 January 2021
What are the main benefits that are convincing more and more companies to "gamify" corporate training?

How to design microlearning content

20 January 2021
The risk with micro content is that the information provided is not comprehensive enough. Here is how to structure microlearning content to make it comprehensive and effective.

How to create multilingual courses

13 January 2021
eLearning allows courses to be delivered anywhere in the world. But how to create multilingual online courses?

The advantages of an LMS integrated with videoconferencing software

13 January 2021
Why can't your LMS do without tools for creating and managing videoconferences?

Personalising online courses with adaptive learning

13 January 2021
What are the tools that help to customise an eLearning course and what is the role of artificial intelligence?

Is microlearning effective at company level?

23 December 2020
Microlearning is not just one of many training trends. At company level, it is increasingly proving its effectiveness.

Multilingual online courses: dubbing or subtitles?

23 December 2020
When translating an online course, is it better to opt for dubbing or subtitles? What do you need to assess in order to make the best choice?

How to test the competences acquired in a virtual classroom

23 December 2020
In a virtual classroom, competences can be tested not only through final tests, but also live. This is how.

The 7 LMS integrations that will improve your business

16 December 2020
What additions to the learning management system can help you achieve your business objectives?

Data analysis of an online course: measuring effectiveness

16 December 2020
What are the most significant data on the effectiveness of online training?

The importance of STEM training for companies

9 December 2020
STEM disciplines in support of an "agile" workforce able to adapt to the current digital revolution.

Artificial Intelligence: ethical-legal principles

9 December 2020
Differences in the approach of the ethical-legal guidelines compared to Artificial Intelligence from country to country

eLearning: feedback from trainees

9 December 2020
How and when to collect feedback from students on an online course?

Evaluating the effectiveness of an online course with the Kirkpatrick model

2 December 2020
How to use the four levels of the Kirkpatrick model to assess the effectiveness of continuing education?

Millennial-proof eLearning

2 December 2020
What are the features that cannot be missing in an online course dedicated to millennials?

Tips for writing branched scenarios for eLearning

25 November 2020
Where to start from to write an online course based on the scenario and how to develop the different ramifications of history?

Tips to make it easier to locate an online course

25 November 2020
How to make an online course not only understandable but also culturally suitable for a foreign audience?

Elearning: how to enhance writing skills

25 November 2020
How to enhance content writing skills for eLearning courses? 

How to introduce new employees into the company, remotely

18 November 2020
Here's how to introduce the new team member to his functions and corporate values with an eLearning course.

What is Automate eLearning and what are its advantages?

18 November 2020
The automation of processes and projects allows eLearning professionals to have more time to take care of content and user satisfaction 

Multilingual online courses: the importance of localization

18 November 2020
What does it mean to localize an online course and why is it important to do so if you want to reach an international audience?

Increasing students' motivation during the pandemic

18 November 2020
The pandemic also affected student motivation. What elements can be strengthened to keep the attention of students high?

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