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eLearning and Automation: how to optimize time

5 October 2022
How to optimize the development and learning time of an eLearning course?

Web and accessibility: how to achieve inclusive E-learning

5 October 2022
Strategies for building an inclusive Web site that is accessible to all

Learning Pyramid: what it is and how it works

5 October 2022
Which learning modes are most effective in terms of knowledge retention? 

Videos with animated characters: where to start

28 September 2022
The process of immersion is one of the most powerful techniques at your disposal for creating effective eLearning courses. 

eLearning and team: because unity is strength

21 September 2022
Interdisciplinary teams enable effective projects to be carried out efficiently in a complex environment.  Let's find out how to apply this to training.

Rapid eLearning: what it is, how it works and when to use it

21 September 2022
Business dynamics require increasingly rapid course production times. How can Rapid eLearning address this need?

How to use the principles of persuasion for your course

14 September 2022
Let's find out how to use persuasive communication to create and promote a successful eLearning course

Ux design for e-learning: what it is and why it matters

7 September 2022
User experience at the heart of e-learning course design. Here's what it is and what it's for

Immersive learning: what it is and how it works

7 September 2022
Features, benefits and how immersive learning works.

The nine elements of modern learning

27 July 2022
When realising an eLearning course, a number of quality criteria must be met. Let us discover the nine elements of modern learning.

Dyslexia and eLearning fonts

27 July 2022
Do fonts for dyslexia really work?

Measuring Breaks: Spaced Repetition

20 July 2022
Let's find out what Spaced Repetition is and how it can help improve the effectiveness of an eLearning course by reinforcing the memorisation of learned information.

How to follow customer brand guidelines when creating eLearning content

13 July 2022
When creating an online course, why is it important to set up a motion graphics project based on the graphic guidelines provided by customers?

Creating online courses the entrepreneurial way - Part 2

29 June 2022
Considering that the eLearning market will be worth over 300 billion dollars within the next five years, more and more people are approaching the creation of online courses as an entrepreneurial activity.

How to set up learning touchpoints

29 June 2022
How do we structure touchpoints between content and our target audience?

Project Based Learning (PBL): what it is and how it works

29 June 2022
Project-based learning can significantly improve the effectiveness of a training course and amplify its effects in the extra-curricular context. Let's find out how.

The importance of Self-Directed Learning in the enterprise

22 June 2022
Trained and motivated employees are the main asset of a dynamic company. The two do not always walk in parallel.

Psychology and microlearning

22 June 2022
The realisation of learning in pills (microlearning) requires time and knowledge of the dynamics of the human mind.

Interaction design: what it is and why it is important in e-learning

22 June 2022
How to stimulate students in an online course and get them to complete the lessons? The role of interaction design in the world of e-learning

Creating online courses the entrepreneurial way - Part 1

15 June 2022
Considering that the eLearning market will be worth over 300 billion dollars within the next five years, more and more people are approaching the creation of online courses as an entrepreneurial activity.

4 tools to improve the engagement of your courses

15 June 2022
Before designing eLearning courses for our customers or our company, we must necessarily come to terms with the expectations of course success. 

Realising micro content for e-learning

1 June 2022
The creation of eLearning courses must take into account the needs of learners who have countless sources from which to draw content. Let's find out how to create effective content.

Neuroscience and memorable virtual learning experiences

25 May 2022
To be effective, online training must come to terms with instructional design that takes into account the functioning of the human brain. 

Transformative Learning in Human Resources

25 May 2022
Staff training is a necessary step for a company that wants to grow. The challenge is to avoid that greater competence is accompanied by less open-mindedness with regard to possible decision alternatives.

Building tailor-made learning pathways

18 May 2022
In this article we talk about how to create learning paths focused on specific target groups. Here are some tips.

How to use Learner Personas to design courses

11 May 2022
Marketers routinely use Buyer Personas to meet the needs of their market. Let's find out how to apply this technique to the production of content for eLearning courses.

eLearning and transmedia storytelling

4 May 2022
How to use transmedia storytelling to create engaging eLearning courses? Here are some good practices.

Psychology and eLearning, the learning guidelines

13 April 2022
In the field of education, psychology provides important theories on how to ensure satisfactory learning outcomes. Let's discover the three main theories.

E-learning and cybersecurity: skills to be transferred

6 April 2022
When designing a format for eLearning courses, at least three competences to be administered to users must be taken into account. Let us find out what they are

5 Tools to Become a Freelance Instructional Designer

23 March 2022
Working as an instructional designer means having professional roots in multimedia design, but also having the right interpersonal skills.

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